la Brocanteuse

Jun 1, 2012

for the love of old French linen et French Maison

Getting ready to leave for France again..
My  Armoire is depleted...

the way there..

on the banks of the river Loire

Mont Louis sur Loire
the maison that feels like home from home

Dd has been pausing on this step more than she can remember

kitchen blackboard
image: My French Kitchen ~Ronelle van Wyk

I promissed to obey these words
every day!

Image: Ronelle van Wyk

garden in Monltouis
Maison jardin: Image: Ronelle van Wyk

garden Montlouis
Maison jardin: image: Ronelle van Wyk

the villages

the brocante(s)


hope to find a petit mountain of blanc




and this

et torchon

linge, chanvre, metise ....

et dentelle

old script, documents, history

and adding to this little collection daily

we will be spending enough time
 feeding a much needed  passion

I will say goodbye before we depart..



céline said...

Les bords de la Loire sont tourjours très agréables surtout au printemps ... Une belle région et un post qui met bien en valeur toutes ces belles chines ! Je reviendrai ...

Anonymous said...

Lille Weiss hat gesagt......

Very,Very nice Pictures :)))

Liebe grüße


The Blue Farmhouse said...

Love the photography...wish I could travel out of the USA and I'm sure I would have TOURIST written all over me!

Virginia said...

Oh your photographs took my breath today. I envy you and can't wait to see what your find for us!

Heather Robinson said...

What beautiful photos! My goodnes!! How lovely that part of France is, so much softer than dry Provence.

Do you ever do any of the big deballages?

Have a great day!

Mary Jane said...

Hello from Napa California. I think I have spent half an hour looking at all your beautiful photos. Thank you for taking time to visit with me through La Dolfina. If you have any tales of "the one that got away" I would love to hear them. Cheers, Mary Jane

Nella Miller said...

Dear Colette, every picture speaks lovely. Have scrolled through many times...wishing you happy hunting and know your keen eye will not fail you! N.xo

esprisdulinge said...

Mais où êtes vous exactement.... quel rapport avec l'Afrique du Sud?
Magnifique toutes ces photos je rêve.
A bientôt.

Veronica said...

Oh my word Colette! It looks utterly amazing and I wish you a wonderful "hunt" and visit. We can't wait to see your treasure! Thank you so much for all your lovely visits and comments.




The Art of Vintique said...

Ooooh, I looove your blog and all your fabulous finds.
Everything is so gorgeous even though the weather wasn't.
How did you manage to take all this home???
Joasia x

La Brocanteuse said...

Hello Joasia, welcome to my blog, it makes me happy if you enjoy visiting here!The images shared in this post are from previous visits and finds. I rely on my agent and his shipping company to handle all the admin and custom issues for me. Impossible to do it on my own, The weight of linen is huge..200 linen sheets, equal and more of serviettes and other linen pieces,bits and bobs, quickly add up to half a ton or sheet weigh in at approx 2 flight luggage is kept for personal shopping..although I do include precious old papers and documents that I find in my personal luggage for safety.linen and finds are packed in boxes and trunks,admin kept up to date as to contents, invoices etc..delivered to the shipping company.They shrink wrapped it all on pallets and the rest is procedure..getting customs clearance is another story, but so worth it!! Colx

Mode et Beauté by Emma said...

Beautiful pictures !

Sharon Lee Johnson said...

It is a cold and wet Saturday morning and I am lying in bed and day dreaming about being in France with all these beautiful pictures as inspiration. x Sharon

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Sweet Colette, I am crossing my fingers for a glorious capture of all things "blanc" filled with luscious monograms... I cannot wait for stories of your trip!


French-Kissed said...

Dear Collette,

I completely understand your passion for monogrammed linens...I have the same for monogrammed silver...wishing you a wonderful trip and may you come home with lots of beautiful treasures and memories. The photos in this post are so compelling.


French said...

Love the Victoria post, but wishing I were along in your suitcase for this trip to France! I spent the evening organizing my French linens and wishing I had not sold what I did....I want more! Be sure to post many pretty photos and things for sale....xxoo~A

Blooming Rose Musings said...

Hello Colette, I have been taking time away from the computer a bit and it is so nice to return to see your lovely photos. I feel the same passion for monogrammed linens and your photos so inspire just as they did when we first met on our blogs through Trish a few years ago. I wish you a wonderful trip and look forward to seeing more beautiful images when you return. XO