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Mar 26, 2011

Au Revoir

Au Revoir~Good bye ~Tot Siens

Leaving for France today...
a quick sortie to the country side.
Linge, chanvre, hemp, monogramme, dentelle..
bibelots, vieux documents, trouvais..
brocante,vide greniers, chateau sale..
Carousel, Crepe Nutella, baguette,fromage, Espresso..
Merci ! 
these are the words that come to mind 
and will be present daily...
will be back around Easter
 xo Col

the above image of my armoir is by Henrique Wilding
model- Tina

Mar 22, 2011

In with the old- Reinvented

Image: L'Orangerie
Henrique Wilding

read this post here:

APRIL 2011

Pages 22/23

 Trends images and style ideas by photographer and stylist 
 Henrique Wilding


Mar 19, 2011

Wherever you are this weekend,


Mar 15, 2011

To find French linen..

I need to fill my armoirs again..

so we  need to do Brocantes, vide greniers
village markets and visit  private dealers
 who source and supply  me.

visit little villages

through narrow roads

 Halt for lunch..
because in France everyone stops whatever they do..for dejeuner

admire the  beautiful French architecture

windows adorned  with dentelle

I simply cannot get enough 
of the old windows and doors, 
 the stone walls and overgrown gardens 

This will be the view when we wake up..
The Loire river right outside our window

 I can take my morning coffee, walk out the door, and sit here on the banks to start the day...

Hard to believe
 it is already 9 months since we were here last

View from outdoor cave towards back of Maison

This will be our backyard..
at our dear friend's  Maison in the Loire Valley.
 We are so looking forward to stay here again
 while they are living their dream
 on their farm in the Dordogne
where they spend their summers..

DD -2005, blowing bubbles on the step
through to the kitchen
(Loire Maison)

Up the road to the village..

I will walk past this door every morning 
on my way to the boulangerie
door to a cave-turned into a home, 
one of many in this area

When the clock strikes 6 next Sunday the 27th 
we will be off to France
to find what we need to fill the armoirs
and share at my brocante events


 all images in this post was taken
on our previous trip here
May/June 2010

Mar 11, 2011


and the rest of the world affected 
in whatever way
our thoughts and prayers are with you...

Image: Source unknown

Mar 8, 2011

My inspiration



Cape Town

 (Set to the back of a quiet cul-de-sac, the exterior of the house is distinctly London-esque in flavor; think of Chelsea Green or a mews in Notting Hill. But it is the interior that truly conveys Zwiegelaar’s passion for all things European. A statement reinforced by the astonishing two-and-a-half years it took him to finish the property, trawling the markets, antiques shops and warehouses of Paris and L’Isle sur la Sorgue in the south of France to find the unique, the fresh and the different. Color inspiration, however, originated closer to home. To the back of the property, the garden drops away into a shallow gully, dominated by lush dark-green foliage and trees reaching above and beyond the upstairs bedrooms. It was this scene that drove Zwiegelaar’s color scheme, as well as his use of French doors instead of windows throughout the house to maximize the view. ‘The intensity of the green is an essential part of this story,’ he explains, ‘and the reason why I chose such a monochrome range of grays and soft greens for the interior.’ 

It is a palette that perfectly offsets the designer’s of French finds, monastic 16th-century antiques, custom-designed pieces and glut enviably luxurious fabrics from Pierre Frey and de Le Cuona. The overall look is restrained yet infinitely elegant, something Zwiegelaar achieves through a tenacious need for quality.

I like how mirrors were used
 to the  left and right of the fireplace
it give's a sense of space

The day I found this image (Above) 
in a local magazine
 almost three years ago, was the day I fell in love
 with JOHN JACOB'S style..
I have been searching for a tapestry
 to use like JJZ have done here...
divided in the middle and hung above a interior entrance...(still searching...) 

Mirrors against the back wall-doubles the space.
a definite JJZ trade mark.

those mirrors again- creating a extra dimension 

I am so proud to share this
 South African designer and home with you



Mar 4, 2011


I like to collect.

stack the same together...

pile them up..

organize to have on hand

 group colors...

  I use and share them all!
all the above is found in my kitchen,
 truly the heart of our home.

have a lovely weekend!

images 1-5 by Henrique Wilding (my kitchen)
other images by labrocanteuse ( my kitchen)