la Brocanteuse

Oct 31, 2012

Festive ideas with Lolita Lempicka et Blanc

Creating at a last minute in record time is a challenge
I was asked to decorate a tree and then my favorite space was available to play  a little more...

 French Lavender measured by the "French" cup

Marie Antoinette holds the key to the castle..

 let them eat cake
 she said,and use the 
pastel colored vintage French serviettes,..
also the vintage French pewter

 Beautiful setting at Simondium lodge, with views over  a festive garden

 sharing et BLANC

 Marble dust and ceramic figurines
 inspired and recreated
 from original finds in France

Intaglios and wall plaques

never without my passion: vintage French linen

31 Oct - 4 November
9 - late afternoon

moss tree inspired by Lolita Lempicka

Oct 23, 2012

et Blanc at Kamersvolgeskenke ~ Lourensford

Vintage French linen, et BLANC
Lourensford estate- Somerset West
21 Oct. ~ 27 Oct 2012


images 1-7 and 10 ~ Labrocanteuse 
images 8 & 9 ~ Henrique Wilding

Oct 8, 2012

adding to the french linen

I am extremely excited about the new range of products that I will be launching at my next event

~ et BLANC ~

et BLANC is manufactured in Parian ware style with marble dust 

 the extensive 
et BLANC range 
has been inspired by selected French market finds collected over years.
each one of a kind finds... 

ornate French candle sticks, 
French relief plaques,
marble dust chandelier drops,old intaglios, 
small statues,Christmas decorations 
and many more.. 
(range of 90+ different items,) 
I will share it with you here on my blog soon, as we are about to wrap up to have it available .
Happy to report I will be supplying to numerous shops through out South Africa  and et BLANC will also be featured in  a local magazine ( more later)

Remember those

 ..arrived all in good order,one week ago, much later then I was hoping to have available. It is a rush against time to have all sorted, washed and ready. The planned  open day will have to be  postponed to later, as it will be impossible to do and also  have lovely monogrammed linge, chanvre, dentelle ready and available at the next upcoming event. I also promised those that sent me their requests for special monogrammes  that I will try and find their French tresor...  I am working through the list and will contact you with details a.s.a.p ( not too late if you still want to add your name to that list, as I literally work my way through a  one ton( 1000 kg) heap of gorgeous old French finds...mon petit mont blanc!
 just mail me:

 SHOP inquiries to stock new et BLANC range are welcome to contact me for more details
I regret currently only available in South Africa 

a Bientot

winding old lace and ribbon in between...

next event:
21 ~ 27  October 2012

also available:
selection of pastel color 
 vintage French serviettes