la Brocanteuse

Jul 27, 2011

Brocante et Blanc

I saved this image for Bastille,
 had a little detour on the 14th July, but here it is!

Apologies for being absent
recuperating from a fall
wish I could say I fell while running towards a mountain of

 blanc linge at a French Brocante

not so ..but
I do have a lot of time now
to get the newsletter out I have been planning
since I started blogging
if you would like to be added to my mailing list
where I will keep you updated on the latest arrivals

et Blanc

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House and Leisure
August 2011 p149

Sharon of  Roses and Rust blog here
has very kindly dedicated a post to me where she shares beautiful images
of linen she knows I love.Thank you Sharon, your post is much appreciated.
 Sharon refers to a mention of a short interview
 with me in the August issue of
 South African House and Leisure magazine
where the above image taken by
 Henrique Wilding here was used.
The girl in the image is of Tina, her assistant on that day.

another much appreciated thank you to
Veronica of
Tassels ,Twigs and Taste buds here
Veronica shares her French bucket list and include laBrocanteuse in her inspirations

I feel very honored and appreciate all the recognition.
Without my blog friends  and followers there would be far less inspiration
Col x