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Apr 29, 2013

French at Vintage

A Highlight on the market calendar here in South Africa,  is definitely  the annual Simondium Vintage market held every year at 
 Simondium Country Lodge-
centered between Paarl, Stellenbosch and Franschoek. 

Conceptualised  and brought to reality  by Wilna Rabe and her daughter Hanneke Klue, this event is a  sought after market to be part of, especially  if you are a vintage, or  antique dealer of goods that compliment  the style.

The side entrance to the main hall at
 Simondium Country Lodge - 

a popular country venue in the Winelands 
 for  all celebrations
                                 * * * * *
The setting is relaxed, beautiful, true Vintage in all it's  presentation. I feel  honoured to have been able to exhibit here for the past three years.

The old repurposed counter is so heavy and large, I leave it here, ready and waiting..the scrubbed shutters are moved wherever I need them..

For  this event, I had a original 1954 three seater 
re-upholstered in a modern way with burlap. It complimented the look and feel I wanted for this room.

succulents on the window sill in vintage vases

 Aloes in laboratory beakers
 with French pewter pieces
and framed antique French documents

I enjoy setting up in this  gorgeous space to fill as I like 
with my French Brocante finds and  
 French linens sourced  in France

 The  response once again was awesome, 
and I would like to thank all who stopped by. 

 I met so many lovely followers of both my blog  and la Brocanteuse Face Book page, that I am newly inspired by all of you! I am grateful for those that took a special trip from as far as Pretoria, Johannesburg, Durban and also meeting the "faces" behind mails, comments and likes on my pages. I feel humbled by your appreciation, to every one,  THANK YOU!

These were my offerings  I shared
 with fellow Francophiles in my space 
at Simondium Lodge.

et Bientôt


Dd -soon she will be tall enough...

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Thank you

XL pomegranates available at Simondium Lodge
 -in season now- 

Apr 15, 2013

Love Patina

These two chairs came out of storage  ~
 to be upholstered in old hemp and French linen 

SWARM portrait cushion

for the moment it is adding some wonderful  texture to the worn patina I so like..

It is this patched square of muslin mended by hand, that I find irresistible

I have to admit I am not quite ready to strip these chairs, once it is done, 
the original history is changed.There is mystery in the tattered old silk threads that makes me pause and wonder about who sat on them, what discussions and  stories played off in a era where time was made to do just that.

 Each roll of old hemp is a slightly  different texture,colour and feel, but I do not mind that at all, in fact I prefer it .

  in a room void of  colour other than that of
 old paper,gray, bone and black.

Do you have a room where you can play? 

this Orangery is it - 
it is my follie where every object is what I truly love and the one space I could live 
with complete  contentment  if I had to choose
 one area in this house to be summoned to do so..