la Brocanteuse

Jun 23, 2012

in France

Arrived in Paris ~ Charles de Gaulle on Monday afternoon. We collected  the rental and took the peripherique (bypassing Paris) straight onto the road that would take us to our Maison for the next month in Montlouis sur Loire~

Tired after being in transit for almost 27 hours since we left Cape Town,  we arrived at our destination with the sun still high at 8.30 pm (sun sets around 10pm here in summer)

We had a easy meal of  pasta with fresh tomatoes, olives and filets o'Anchois marine's a La Provencale washed down with vin locale.

Tuesday ~ settling in  with old  familiar milieu, then off to the local Carrefour for basic proviant.
Dd stocked up on her favorite cookies, and I simply could not resist the pomme de terre  cute  packaging.

~not planning on any baking, but look how pretty the flour is packed.

Our first stop was a favorite Brocante not far from here, so we had to stop in was still a few days before the weekend brocante, and I needed a quick fix to feel "home"

first trouvaile:

Old French baskets, porcelain dolls, and oil on canvas French scenes....

June 21st ~ Summer solstice
a Gift from my dear friend Ronelle(MYFRENCHKITCHEN) who knows how I have been wanting my very own PIERROT GOURMAND for a long time. The  famous french clown offering lollipops and found mostly on counters  in boulangeries allover France.

"Pierrot Gourmand is the French reference in confectionery and has brought happiness to children and adults for more than 120 years.
Famous for the quality of its products, Pierrot Gourmand has always worked on natural products ranges mastering in aromas and fruit processing."

so happy and content to be here..

what more could I ask for on my be in France, with Dd and Mr LB, picking a French bouquet outside the kitchen door metres away from the French Loire,rushing wild from recent rains.

 ...and falling asleep to the sound of midsummer fete from the village square...

 A Bientot


Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Sweet Colette, I am so glad that you are happily ensconced in your home for the next while. I know that you will take many photos of the area to share with us, and I am already salivating at the baskets, the baquettes, and the bouquets! Enjoy the treasure hunt, ma chère amie!


Burlap Luxe said...

The beauty of France.
Love all that you inspire and I am sure you will have alot more to share :)

Beautiful days ahead for you and your holiday in France.


sharon santoni at my french country home said...

Have a wonderful holiday Colette, and make the most of your precious family time

The Blue Farmhouse said...

Did you say "your birthday in France"...sounds like the title of a good book:) Happy birthday and although you are a little weary, thank you for posting these beautiful pictures. Let's see I'll take the french basket...sit in the beautiful garden courtyard content with baguette and of course, in France! Have fun....

Splenderosa said...

Goodness, your little vacation home looks lovely. I love doing this myself. Getting a house instead of a hotel for longer stays just makes so much more sense. Cannot wait to see what you gals will do. xx's

Sharon Lee Johnson said...

Happy birthday, Colette! What a wonderful place to spend your birthday in. That would be my idea of heaven - a place where even the potatoes are beautifully packaged! Xx Sharon

vicki archer said...

How wonderful Colette... enjoy your birthday and this wonderful French paradise... xv

Acquired Objects said...

What a dream place to be for a month. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and enjoy your time away with your family. I can't wait to read about a few of your adventures.


Veronica said...

Dear Colette... Hoping every day will be a special one during your month in beautiful French countryside!

Sending love


céline said...

Tout ce qui semble si commun en France est si bien mis en valeur par ces photos ... Biz