la Brocanteuse

Jun 29, 2011

More whiteness

How do you pronounce the color white in french?

- effectively, blahnc, where the little n means a nasalization of the preceding short a.

 Content as can be,
surrounded with old French linen ...
et blanc ~

~White ~
French Bisque and porcelain 

 monogrammed  linens and hand made lace,
the history of and era

without intention
my eyes seems to follow the same hue through out

I reach out, touch, smell and savour

 the scent of freshly laundered linen,
folded and stored for needed use

I tag them
with monogram description,
size, quantity and entry no, 
some with a scribbled private note: where found

the texture and color of linen, 
is engraved in my "mood board"


  added monogrammes ~ JOY

 DD and Yentl dreaming away..

they respect  my obsession with old French linen
et blanc

"Realize deeply that the present moment
is all you ever have."
—Eckhart Tolle

ps: remember my give away

Jun 23, 2011

in Print -thank you

Just a reminder to my celebration "give away"


Jun 22, 2011

in Print

original image for publication: Henrique Wilding

La Brocanteuse
mentioned in
Setting Trends
July 2011 issue P 26
much appreciated, thank you

in August 2010

image: La Brocanteuse

I did a post on 
Pauline's White House 

Not a single day has passed since then 
without someone, somewhere in the world reading this post
(stats check)
  read about
Pauline's white house -updated
July issue 2011 p 66 - 73

photo of original images for publishing: Henrique Wilding

as introduction page to a feature on 
Kitchens and Bathrooms
page  133 of the same issue of

 la Brocanteuse kitchen

photo of original image for publishing: Henrique Wilding

image by Henrique Wilding-
taken on day of shoot
  (not in magazine)

image: La Brocanteuse

To celebrate
one year of blogging, the thrill of published media 
and my birthday on June 21st
I am sharing all these joys with a "give away"
~a French find from my Brocante Armoire~

 image: La Brocanateuse

Leave a comment on what you enjoy most on my blog
 what would you like to see more of?
Tell me if you are a follower
It is not a rule in order to win something, rather to hear what you would like to find  on my blog

I will choose 3 winners
(since it is a tripple celebration)
the winner will be anounced 
July 14th-Bastille day
for non South African winners, I will include the 
with the feature on Pauline's house.
Feel free to share this with other bloggers.
non bloggers can e-mail me on 


one year of blogging
my first post May 2010 
For the love of a French market ...
"de l'occasion pour faire"

Jun 9, 2011

Linge et blanc

Unpacking , sorting the linen,lace, chanvre, hemp  and  trouvaille 
from our recent visit to France and Belgium

 moving stock around 
to make place for fabulous new finds

I love the patched pieces..
speaks of days when replacing was not an option, easier to mend than to  hand weave new ones..

Opening the boxes, re-discovering  and  re-live the day, the event, the place , the dealers, the trip...the thril of the hunt

Linge  et blanc

Unpack, sort,wash, iron, measure,snapshots documenting each piece..
working against the clock to have all ready to share.
in my French Armoir with brocante finds and linge
et blanc be continued

Col x

Being watched by the family..
curious about all the white linen
(just had to share the boys!-please note they are ever so comfortable on their own French daybed, French chanvre cloth to protect from muddy feet, and velvet toile cushions. I had no say at all, they claimed it)