la Brocanteuse

Nov 14, 2012

words in a picture

A picture is a poem without words..

 so what else did I do
 while I paused from the end of the year rush

I added some greens...

 Tied bows and hung fragrance crystals

 re -arranged books,

 remembered the day I found this painting
 in a tiny little antique shop in Avignon

and looked for longer then just in passing...


I wonder where this could be?..
could it be the Loire passing under the bridge..
who fed the swans...?
the trimmed trees and hedge
 the tower, the turrets..
it all looks so familiar, 
of towns we pass through in France
a bit of all in one. 


Nov 13, 2012

breath in...and out...slowly

 The person who lives in a quiet house has plenty.....

seeking the quiet corners of our home after months of preparation,pushing forward to be ready for events that is booked back to back from August through to December 15th

 re-discovering textures, shapes and familiarity

 first offerings from my rose garden

 so content right now, even if the rush stopped for only one day..I could gather my thoughts and "see"

I wish you all.. a time to pause...

   Colette X

This beautiful printed cloth from a very special friend sums it up

I am on a journey...
with my work, my explorations
and a few sad stories
I travel with a suitcase full
of outrageous blessings
I am on a quest for truth,
beauty, and quiet joy
I am an artist, a writer
and explorer