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Jul 25, 2010

it figures...

Mid winter in South Africa,
 so it is a good time for "spring cleaning" - for me that is.
I'd rather spend Printemps outside..planning the garden.
 I much prefer to tidy Armoirs in winter.
The thing is though, that I start  very eagerly, unpacking, make to do lists, and "give away "piles..
add labels to boxed items.
then I discover some books, magazines 
or a box with old photographs pre digital.
and this is where I take a break, have a seat, have a cup of tea and go back in time....

old treasures are moved to  new vignettes
I can almost see them smile and pleased with their new view 

signed: R.W

 Dd (darling daughterwas barely 5 years old when she pointed at 
the  DE POSI figurine below
and demanded that it should come home with us. 
I like to think that  it was the start of a love for old and precious.

A woman's work is never done.
Some of it will be treated as a priority.

Have a lovely fulfilling week!

Colette x

Now....back to the armoir

Jul 14, 2010

Beach house

Sitting it out...

Since many of you are in  summer mode while we here in the South of Afrique are all bundled up in our woolens in front of blazing fires...
filling up on hearty soups and stews...
I thought I would share some images of our beach house that we enjoy when it is summer here.
Our summer break starts first week in December until 3rd week in January. Temperatures in the Cape peek , reaching mid to late 30 degrees and start cooling down again with first winter rains March/April. 
Of course we will have to wait for almost 4 months before we will be  enjoying hot summer evenings again, balmy days, and  lazy views over the ocean when the day starts to cool down....
We do slip away for a weekend  before then ever so often to catch up on some "self indulged" days, visiting markets and settle for winter menu's ..patiently waiting for summer and the abundance of crayfish (Lobster) once the season opens again.
Our end of the year 6 week break includes a proper visit to Vermont-Hermanus - a mere hour and a half  drive from Cape Town.This is a highlight on our calender..(December/January) this is where we wind down, get together with neighbors and friends for the countdown to the end of the year gatherings..but that is another post altogether!

                                                           Ouvert -all seasons

white washed  frames with  circ 1860 
hand colored engravings          

quiet pieces

sand pendulum changing the picture with the breeze...

Sea sand was used when the dining room table was cast.
When the light fall a certain way, it reflects the beach

odd crystals collected on visits to Greece, hanging from a hand forged light fitting-

 another ceiling light made from recycled glass

little bits and bottles found over seasons
washed up on the beach

my version of  (le Petit) Cabinet de Curiocites

back stairs to a Petit Cave

way down under the earth, a humble place to store wine

perfect cool  temperatures even if it is mere meters away from  the changing seas..

Tord Boontje metal bit loosely hung over lamp and left...

yes, we wait it out..

forgotten summer menu:

Escargots  with champagne
Lobster served with Water melon balls  and Feta cubes 
with a touch of flaked chilli to spice it up
fromage: Cambrini 
served with  fresh figs from our own tree

we use the  left overs in the pantry
and only a  few plates

Proviant for 31 December 2009 get together with friends...

we are thinking it is time to change dd (darling daughter)'s bedroom

since she has long outgrown her little frocks and fringed  beachwear..

to do: get some grown up colors for the pool..

wrinkled linen is perfect for beach house living

old linen covered books
 found at the Saturday-morning market in Hermanus

it has become a habit..
on arrival,tucking a  fresh olive branch
 from the tree at the entrance, behind this
Greek stone plaque chiseled with the 
Oath of Hippocrates 
(found many years ago 
on Skiathos Island - museum shop)


we will sit it out

sea shell wreath 
made in "winter at the beach house - project"

enjoy your summer vacation!!

Colette x

water color of the Beach House  
by my artist friend 
Ronelle van Wyk
(AfricanTapestry and MyFrenchKitchen-blogs)
on a visit to us in 
Vermont-Afrique du Sud

Jul 6, 2010

mirror mirror on the wall....


troo-moh; Fr. try-moh
" a mirror having a painted or carved panel above or below the glass in the same frame."

I am in the market for a Trumeau....
here are some pictures from my "mirrors" file...
some are from images found...
one is already  hanging on my wall..
one is sold...
one is still available...
I hope you like the one I am will make me feel so much better about the others not available..
have a great week

Colette x

Which one do you like?