la Brocanteuse

Oct 22, 2010

reworked linen and paper

original French La Poste bags
 reworked into cushions
 with feather inners and backed with ticking

 We are working against the clock to get everything in order for our upcoming event 
at Lourenford wine Estate

27 OCT ~ 31 OCT 2010

 I will be the Brocantess
with French monogrammed linens 
and petit bibelot 
  found  on our travels in the French countryside,
complimented with  reworked linen on furniture 

Vintage  original patched grainbags
reworked as cushions with feather inners.

Vintage French  monogrammed linen sleep shirts and chemises..

 over sized chairs from Belgium
upholstered in German Grain bags.

of course the main item is all the
 French linen

tags made from original paper
 and advertorial from 1887

original vintage music paper  hearts 
to hang on a Christmas tree...
(made by 7yr old DD and her nanny)

wish me luck...
what has absorbed a lot of my time, thinking and being for the past year...
has now come to reason...
with love from France  
and me

Oct 14, 2010

Sunrise in Paris

Mr la Brocanteuse  woke up in this most beautiful city this morning..
I envy him VERY much.
 It is all I can think about...the views, the sounds, the smells, ......

but of course I am thinking about 
the Brocantes and Puces as well....

At least I have the hound (s)

DD with Yentl..
the youngest of the afghans in our household.
Yentl is wearing one of DD's t-shirts..
(we are nursing a broken leg and it helps to keep  pup from licking the wounds.)

 The Apartment Mr LB is staying for the next week and a bit, is walking distance to BHV- yes he has a list to point fingers at...
I know he is  having breakfast right this minute at one of our favorite little cafe's on his way there... there is no classy way of putting it..
I am VERY jealous!

 Mr LB did promiss not to break the ritual of having Marie Antoinette tea the day before departure back to South Africa, since we have been doing that for years...

 ... it is not on the list, but maybe he will read this post and see how we miss PARIS ~ him of course
and remember to  fill a box with something that can travel well in hand luggage...


Mr LB is attending Sial- 
Paris, capitale mondiale de la gastronomie

 Sunrise in Africa

breakfast in Botswana~Africa
(on a previous trip)

Oct 9, 2010

Behind the scenes...

Just some random images of  what  I am  working on to take to 
My French Brocante
Somerset West
Western Cape
Opening night by special invitation 
26 October 2010
and  following
27 October - 31 October 2010

I have been very absent from Blogland, but there is good reason...

Washing, Ironing, Restoring, Sewing, Upholstering, Gilding, Pricing,
and sleepless nights

to add to the little mountain of
 linen and lace

allso...had some fun with 
grape/ aubergine cotton velvet
French La Poste sacs
from a previous trip to France

have a lovely week!

Kamersvol Geskenke