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Jul 14, 2010

Beach house

Sitting it out...

Since many of you are in  summer mode while we here in the South of Afrique are all bundled up in our woolens in front of blazing fires...
filling up on hearty soups and stews...
I thought I would share some images of our beach house that we enjoy when it is summer here.
Our summer break starts first week in December until 3rd week in January. Temperatures in the Cape peek , reaching mid to late 30 degrees and start cooling down again with first winter rains March/April. 
Of course we will have to wait for almost 4 months before we will be  enjoying hot summer evenings again, balmy days, and  lazy views over the ocean when the day starts to cool down....
We do slip away for a weekend  before then ever so often to catch up on some "self indulged" days, visiting markets and settle for winter menu's ..patiently waiting for summer and the abundance of crayfish (Lobster) once the season opens again.
Our end of the year 6 week break includes a proper visit to Vermont-Hermanus - a mere hour and a half  drive from Cape Town.This is a highlight on our calender..(December/January) this is where we wind down, get together with neighbors and friends for the countdown to the end of the year gatherings..but that is another post altogether!

                                                           Ouvert -all seasons

white washed  frames with  circ 1860 
hand colored engravings          

quiet pieces

sand pendulum changing the picture with the breeze...

Sea sand was used when the dining room table was cast.
When the light fall a certain way, it reflects the beach

odd crystals collected on visits to Greece, hanging from a hand forged light fitting-

 another ceiling light made from recycled glass

little bits and bottles found over seasons
washed up on the beach

my version of  (le Petit) Cabinet de Curiocites

back stairs to a Petit Cave

way down under the earth, a humble place to store wine

perfect cool  temperatures even if it is mere meters away from  the changing seas..

Tord Boontje metal bit loosely hung over lamp and left...

yes, we wait it out..

forgotten summer menu:

Escargots  with champagne
Lobster served with Water melon balls  and Feta cubes 
with a touch of flaked chilli to spice it up
fromage: Cambrini 
served with  fresh figs from our own tree

we use the  left overs in the pantry
and only a  few plates

Proviant for 31 December 2009 get together with friends...

we are thinking it is time to change dd (darling daughter)'s bedroom

since she has long outgrown her little frocks and fringed  beachwear..

to do: get some grown up colors for the pool..

wrinkled linen is perfect for beach house living

old linen covered books
 found at the Saturday-morning market in Hermanus

it has become a habit..
on arrival,tucking a  fresh olive branch
 from the tree at the entrance, behind this
Greek stone plaque chiseled with the 
Oath of Hippocrates 
(found many years ago 
on Skiathos Island - museum shop)


we will sit it out

sea shell wreath 
made in "winter at the beach house - project"

enjoy your summer vacation!!

Colette x

water color of the Beach House  
by my artist friend 
Ronelle van Wyk
(AfricanTapestry and MyFrenchKitchen-blogs)
on a visit to us in 
Vermont-Afrique du Sud


Notes From ABroad said...

When should we arrive ? :)
It is all perfectly beautiful and restful looking and did I say perfect?

Dianne said...

Beautiful wooden front doors - definitely say welcome! what an interesting collection of things washed up on the beach- I guess they all have a story.
Dianne xx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful ceiling with the light colored beams - going perfectly with the walls - and then that "French Chateau staircase" leading to the wine cellar which I'm admiring!

Have a lovely 'wintery' summer! Greetings from the Périgord - karin

La Dolfina said...

OK, I started breathing again... is that really your beach house? Gulp! It's unbelievable... your photos combined with your words were almost too much to take in. I think PARADISE describes it accurately. I literally hung on every word and accompanying image. I adore your style and lifestyle! I too have a cabinet of curiosities and love to collect bits and pieces of what I call found treasures like those in your sectioned box. I'm so glad you stopped by my blog and introduced yourself as it brought me over to you and your amazing blog. I'm so excited to find and follow you... even to South Africa!!!!!
Wow...just Wow!

Fabulously French said...

The photos are gorgeous Colette, I especially love the white framed prints - they look stunning!

It is hot here in SW France and we dream of having a wee house by the sea or as we Kiwi's say "a bach". One day perhaps.....

A tres bientot,

Leeann x

La Brocanteuse said...

Thank you and welcome Dolfina!
Colette x

vosgesparis said...

wauw Colette
First of all thanks for your nice comment on the summer hme post at my blog today ;)

You have a stunning house at the seaside, so many nice little things you are showing... starting with the grey stone written ouvert ;) till the white linnen tablecloths and the forgotten menu... I was wondering what was written unde the Kreef but it meant water meloen ;) Relly beautiful report. I am gonna be a follower ;) And link you in my new discoverd blog list later on

Groeten uit Amsterdam

Blooming Rose Musings said...

You have taken my breath away. What a beautiful and peaceful place. Your summer home and collections are exquisite. Thank you for showing us your bit of heaven on earth.

Vagabonde said...

I saw your comment in Peter’s blog and at first I thought you were the blog I looked up a couple of months ago, but no, it was almost the same name. That one was called La Brocantess (without an e) I wrote a couple of comments but she never did answer (here it is: My father love la brocante and would either go to little brocantes in the country or to the ventes aux encheres Drouot near our apartment in Paris. Have your been there? ( He bought so many great things there – I had some shipped here (near Atlanta.) You have a lovely blog with great pictures.

TwoMaisons said...

Oh Colette your beach house is amazing. My favorite kind of rustic/refined architecture. I could almost believe I was in Santa Fe or Taos. Thanks for sharing is with us. ~Susan

Mélanie A. said...

We have a beach house ( cabanon) and we are going this week end but there is nothing compare to yours . Your beach house is fantastic, love every detail and above all yur version of Le petit cabinet de curiosites

Africantapestry and Myfrenchkitchen said...

So very lovely and so much more in real I can attest to! Feels like I'm back there...feeling the breeze on the terrace...

VS said...

How my friend...
do you EVER LEAVE????
Your beach house is my dream house, everything about sings to my heart & makes me smile. I think I shall sneek into your luggage if you ever come near me & ever so quietly escape with you to your magical kingdom in the sand. For a bed and some food from the sea, I will scour the shore for treasures that I will bring home, only for you. :)
Love it!!!

Shel said...

A dream house! and in SA too! We live in a beautiful country! Thanks for sharing x

Jurita said...

WOW Colette! I'm speechless...your place is a real resting place for the soul.
Thanks for sharing it with me
With love
Jurita x

Trouvais said...

Bonjour Colette! My first thought: thank goodness you started blogging. Your photographs, what you focus on, just puts me emotionally in your spaces. LOVE your view and how you view it. Beautiful. Merci! XO Trish

maría cecilia said...

Hola Colette, love each and every picture you show in your blog, and the corners of your home are so, so charming!!! So nice meeting you!!
Greetings from Chile,
maria cecilia

La Brocanteuse said...

Thank you to all my readers out there for visiting my blog and reading this post. Our Beach House is a special place that we embrace and I enjoyed sharing it with you. Colette x

desde my ventana said...

Hello Colette,
What a wonderful post!! I like so much your pictures all of them but specialy the firts one.
Now we are in summer,I can enjoy some weeks of holidays.

Anonymous said...

Your beach house is incredible. I guess people really do live that way. You are indeed blessed. I remember having to change my daughter's room to a more grown up room but every stage is fun. I just spent a vacation getaway with my daughter for her 35th birthday and they are more special as time goes by if that is possible. Every picture is wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing your great beach house.

Ingrid de Villiers said...

Hi Colette, thank you for visiting my post! Yes, Ronelle is a very special person with so much talent...I thoroughly enoyed my visit!
Your home in Vermont looks beautiful...we lived in Hermanus for a few years before we moved to the States. Lovely photographs!

La Brocanteuse said...

Thank you Ingrid,
Hermanus has grown tremendously and I don't know how long since you have been there, but it has become a very popular village to visit.. busy in season but we love going there. kind regards Col

Tricia said...

I want to join you in the wine cave and venture upstairs to see all of your wonderful things firsthand~ ha! Everything is so beautiful and I love the crystals from Greece that you added to your chandy.

La Brocanteuse said...

Thank you very much Morning T for choosing my blog as one to visit - I appreciate your mention in your post today,and feel truly Colette x

Sanctuary Home said...

I am in "LOVE" with your beach house!!! It's absolutely beautiful and it looks so relaxing. You have great style! I am imagining what it must be like to vacation there.
Susan : )