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Feb 12, 2013

New Bells for Notre Dame- Paris

"What could be a more romantic place to be during the month of February than Paris? In fact, it’s the official Month of Romanticism , so take advantage of all of the delightfully romantic things
 to see and do in Paris.
 Whether you’re single or not, there’s something for everyone, and if you do happen to be single, perhaps you will meet your dream mate while enjoying the City of Light.

Worth visiting : the new bells of Notre Dame have arrived! The celebrations for the cathedral’s 850th birthday began December 12th 2012, and will continue until November 24th 2013.

Eight of the nine new bells were cast in Villedieu-les-Poêles, a town in Lower Normandy known as
 " the city of copper "

  The new bells arrived in Paris to the monument by flatbed trucks on January 31st 2013.

The eight bells together weigh 23 tons

  The new bells will be on display until 
February 25th   2013,
 and will ring for the first time on March 23rd 
in honour of Palm Sunday and Easter week.

Each of the nine bells are engraved. The eight smaller ones are engraved with saint’s names- Jean-Marie, Maurice, Benoit-Joseph, Steven, Marcel, Dennis, Anne-Genevieve, Gabriel.

The  ninth, largest bell, known as a “Bourdon” (Great Bell), cast in Holland, is over 6,000 kilos.
   The Great Bell is engraved with the French words to “Hail Mary” and is in fact named Marie."

They replace those which are now discordant.

Happy Valentine's
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I dedicate this post to my dear friend who bare the same name

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Feb 3, 2013

Blogging with ipad

This is a test run for me
The latest  official  BLOGGER app   for use on iPad and iPhone ~  released in Des 2012, has been down loaded  on my iPad for a while now.
It looks easy enough, but exactly what the end results will be..
Will just have to see!

Random images taken with iPad camera from around here...
So have no idea...let's try

What do you think? Good enough for blogging on the go when travelling?     Will mean less hand luggage!

Update: my only complaint is: it is not possible to add text between or after images..otherwise it was very quick, most friendly to use. One has the same options re changing fonts, size of images and to use image centred or to the side if so required.
As this is a new app, I am sure BLOGGER will fine tune with updates to allow for the only negative point. It will be a definite yes for me as option to use for Blogging when on the go.