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Jan 17, 2011


dry branch found on  Arniston beach..

 Nord... Sud...Est... Quest ...

In a previous post 
I shared our beach house with you.

  I adore our beach house in Vermont and the lifestyle that comes with it...I have been known to pack up and stay  all summer with visits from husband and friends that don't mind the trek down south to visit with us there...
 there is another beachhouse that touched my heart  that I  would like to share,
a friend's house in Arniston.

The owners sourced old building materials, extra wide planks for the floors,
 old doors and windows with  shutters.

To stay in tune with the historical style of Arniston, the house was built like the original Arniston houses,(see images of "Kassiesbaai" in a previous post. -clad with stone from the area and then lime washed, a thatch roof  also from grass sourced in the Overberg,completes the house.

On entering you feel like this could be the original house first built in Arniston two hundred years ago-

 I admire  how the owners has managed to "control" the style of order to stay true to the Arniston area which is a Heritage site.

-no typical "beach house" style all blue and white...but rather really old pieces of furniture-  sourced  with time.Each piece is unique and one of a kind. Original paint has been left as found. 

old grain bags add textile texture

 there is not a single "new" item to be found in this house. well maybe just a few essentials...

... like the Smeg cooker range in the kitchen...and then very cleverly overpowered by cabinets made using old fruit packing boxes,   fridges are hidden behind old doors...

do you see the continuation of the old boats in the harbor?...(previous post)

 at the foot of each bed is a old original wooden "kis" or box to store extra bedding.

  comfortable seating and quiet ambiance

 shells and driftwood collected with time

this house demands a special lifestyle..
easy, laid back ,and content
  it's beauty lies in it's honest portraying of  all that is necessary...


 the fauna a flora growing on the beach...
reflects the colors of the old wood 

-old broken pieces of porcelain  found washed up 

   children enjoy cycling to the harbor to watch the fishing boats come in.. swimming and playing in the waves, building sandcastles, dune riding,...and then tell stories before falling asleep in a loft where one is allowed to be whatever you want to be.. a princess or a rock star, these are the happy days that will be remembered forever....

the furniture in the loft gets changed around as the "set" demands 
for both princesses and heroes..

happy days

happy memories 

 is there a more photographed image then sunset on the beach?...

"bokkoms" ~ salted dried fish

I have come to the conclusion that the less one has to style and dust when on holiday..the more you relax and find yourself. I also know that if everyone is relaxed and happy...the world is a good place, no matter what.

the most beautiful objects are free..

this house
for the feeling of quiet simplicity
that it shares  to all who enter through the door....
that is priceless.

 with thanks

all images in this post is by me

chair and beach in 2nd and 3rd image-our  Vermont Beach house


Divine Theatre said...

Yes, please!

lvroftiques said...

I can see why you're smitten. It's a lovely place. Vanna

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Love the simplicity...I could see good food and wine coming out of that kitchen and just relaxing with a book and pile of magazines.
Mary Ann

Acquired Objects said...

What a warm and welcoming home and I love that your friend did the decorating with found treasures.That bookshelve with the shells is fun!

Notes From ABroad said...

Oh how this makes me miss the beach !
Thank you for sharing, this is such a wonderful home .... and place !

Alena said...

Wow, very interesting and beautiful!
Wow, so happy I can visit trough the internet!
Thank you.

Carole said...

Simplicity at the beach just makes sense. Love the shell shelves!

Burlap Luxe said...

I so love all that you inspire in us all, seeing the same passion you see in the chic brocante. I love this house as well, you have the best friendships with friends with the utmost beautiful style.

Thank you for sharing such aged beauty.

Anonymous said...

Simply divine pictures!
Love evry single picture!
Bisou, Babi

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Absolutely charming! Thank you so much!!

Mona thompson said...

Wow, this is the real deal with real finds. I'm smitten too. A very laid back atmosphere. Mona

AntiqueChase said...

Some of the most amazing photos I have seen in a long time... So beautiful and a feast for the eyes!!

Mélanie A. said...

What a beautiful home . I love the atmosphere

Tricia said...

Oh Colette it is magnificent! Thank you for sharing. I don't recall seeing your beach house so I'm headed there now.

Caroline (Piorra Maison) said...

What a glorious tour. truly a dream. Both of you have gorgeous beach houses.
Thanks for sharing
Au revoir

Caroline (Piorra Maison) said...

I am your newest follower. So happy I found your blog

Anne said...

What wonderful rustic wood in that house! I borrowed one of the pictures to add to my post about using reclaimed wood in design... perfect illustration of how gorgeous it can be!