la Brocanteuse

Jun 28, 2012

Searching at the brocante in France

Last Sunday was not a good day at the brocantes in our rained on and off, and usually that is a big  no-no for the  linen and vieux documents I am after... I have learned the hard way that linen bought on a rainy day, often have rust spots by the time it arrives in Afrique du Sud - home- after being  shipped and in transit for 5-6 weeks.

Of course there are plenty other French treasures to be found in drizzling weather..

We arrived at our first stop to find the vendors still setting coffee was welcome.

I found these Histoire de France -des origens a la Revolution  as they were being unpacked..

some smalls and we were ready to  move on to the next field...

we drove to four different markets, even with not much success at finding trouvaille, we had a lovely day taking in the scenery, with  clear skies by the end of  the day.

midweek brocante in the village

~old white lace~
This was my favorite brocanteuse of the day..I will go back to see her again. Her passion for old lace  shows in the way she shares.

can you spot your initials...
not much left but she promissed to have more on my next visit.

once again I found the right stack of books just as they were unloaded..

old pewter..

Tomorrow we will be leaving the maison  early again to meet the linen lady ~choosing more linen , this time concentrating on specific monogrammes ...all to be done early as we have been invited to lunch with her  after we have "worked"

untill the next brocante...
a bientot



Curtains in My Tree said...

my dream to go there with lots of money , love the old lace and linens

French said...

GAW... I LOVE!!! Buy some baskets for me!! Beam me up Scotty!!

French-Kissed said...

rain or shine...I don't think the weather can stop fun following you on your quest for linens...looks like you have found some wonderful pieces...may skies clear and your success continue.


Sharon Lee Johnson said...

I am loving these posts of yours! Tell DD that she looks like a very glamorous French mademoiselle! Xx Sharon

helle said...

Really great for you to meet another seller of laces and pretties, I just love the box with initials!!! and the rest too, of course!

Greetings Helle

Acquired Objects said...

I love seeing all your pictures you're in such a beautiful area. I hope you have sunny skies for you linen picking tomorrow.

Enjoy your weekend!
XX Debra~

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

What a wonderful trip! I love the old lace and linens.