la Brocanteuse

Jul 31, 2012

Kitchen ~ Cuisine ~ Kombuis

Just random pics that never made it 
onto my blog before...

My kitchen..

 I collect wall vases and have used them in a connecting hallway from  the kitchen to the back

  odd little stems from the garden,  a walk outside, herbs, or flowers from vases that are still good but just not that fresh anymore, is put into a wall vase where it is left to dry before being replaced.
Cuttings from the garden is also put into water here to take root.

 first tomatoes of the season from the garden
 in a celebratory still life

this image by Henrique Wilding did make it 
into a local mag

 Our  kitchen is a gathering place for
meals, friends ,serious talks and even workshops..

here we are making origami t-light holders

paper mache - ostrich eggs for Easter display..

 busy busy busy....

Great working area for sorting 
and unpacking new stock

Wine tastings

paired with cooking classes

making chocolate monogrammes to decorate desert

truly as they say, the heart of a home


 So,  this post is just a little glimpse into  nothing important, yet important  and special to us...

 Just pics that can now go into my filing as "done"
It has been a while since my last post, and just wanted to let you know I'm still here, reading and appreciating your lovely comments and mails, it means allot to me...allot!

~ Colette ~

Jul 17, 2012

Au Revoir France, Bonjour Afrique du Sud

We arrived back in Cape Town from France,
one day before the Franschoek Bastille weekend ~ 14/15 July 2012
I was invited to take part in the French market that is part of the French Festival.
It was a crazy hectic few days before:

 5  cubic square metres of old French vintage linen, hemp, lace and market finds were packed up, and transported to the shipping company in Paris from where it will be forwarded for further handling and shipping back to South Africa..expected to arrive here not yet confirmed date in August.

Two days later we left Paris for Afrique du Sud.
Last minute shopping at the airport Laduree store.
 Dd got her favorite midnight blue tea ,  I indulged in Marie Antoinette Rose home fragrance, and macarons of course.

 a well deserved bubbly before take off...

 and it is Au Revoir  Paris...can you see the Seine below..

a healthy meal of
 premium smoked salmon tartare served 
with fresh cream, garnished with dill and capers
 followed by 
fresh fillet of Sea bass, lightly oven baked
 served with sauteed leaf spinach, carrot batons and olive oil potatoes, with lively spiced salsa sauce..

 Dd got ready for movie channel

 Moi opted for the back massage ...heavenly! and then fell asleep, with French memories and excitement of a successful trip doing what I love most..

 next day.. 
Bonjour Afrique du Sud!

 Bonjour Cape wine lands...soooo lovely to be home!

 Bonjour our little resident squirrel, .. where is your friend? I see it is winter here!

 I literally left all suit cases in the entrance hall, heading straight to my store room to get ready for Bastille the next day.

  The Pierrot Gourmand that was a gift from my friend in France shared space with the old doll in my hand luggage..


 It was a easy market to do , all the tables were already set out and signage provided, I could just put out and take it all in...being home, still surrounded with the colors of France....

 Thank you to all that stopped by to say hello, as always so special and much appreciated when you do..

Thank you mr LB, Dd and Christel for helping me set up at the French market  in record time..
Merci beaucoup France for the never ending 
joy of markets..

Jul 7, 2012

French Brocante and fairs..

Sharing some images of this week's activities  at French Brocantes and fairs

stopping for espresso and frittes

I spotted her as she stepped onto the pavement...

She accepted the invite to come home with us..

 Dd enjoys the Brocante fairs in the rural areas much more for all the activities around...

there was time for out rides this week  amongst the vineyards at the  local village club, and she was invited to join in the equestrian classes which she was most excited about..guess French horses  understand English as well...or is it the other way around? 

early to rise tomorrow, for our last Sunday Brocante on this trip
love from France