la Brocanteuse

Feb 4, 2011



I found this rotating brasserie menu stand 
at a French market in the Loire valley.
It was pouring with rain and all the vendors 
were covering their wares with thick plastic cloths. 

In the process a part of this stand   dropped and caught my eye.
I cleaned it up, put it together
it swivels around and has beveled glass
 on both the front and back of each insert.  
 my old French CARTE POSTALE are on display on the kitchen counter..
it works perfect for now one can see both the front and back.
It has become a conversation piece. 

have you thought about it...a conversation piece always leads to another story, an idea, a remembrance, a day , someone, something.

what is your "most conversation about" piece?..
have a lovely weekend


Image by Henrique Wilding


la fourchette said...

What a charming idea! And your description of the market in the Loire had me right there with you. (I love it when that happens!)

Un petit 'cou cou' d'Aix en Provence!


Sharon @ Roses and Rust said...

I like that idea a lot! I'm sure your home is full of interesting and clever objects like that.

Burlap Luxe said...

Hi Colett,
You know how I feel about everything you photo and share with us. The beauty over here is an experience for the soul.

Thank you dear friend for your visit and your beautiful comment is up-lifting!!

Always enjoying my visits, taking it all in and with me as a muse of inspiration.

lvroftiques said...

Great repurposing Colette! I can certainly see why it would be a focus of conversation.
The one piece I have that causes people to comment more than any other is an old telephone booth in my family room. It came from a boutique hotel and is fully functioning. For some reason closing the slidng door and making a call from inside is irresistable....and costs 10 cents *winks* Vanna

La Brocanteuse said...

thank you Dore,you flatter me, I appreciate your kindness and support.!
Vanna, sounds like fun over there!
thank you to all for popping in!
Col xo

Acquired Objects said...

How fun Colette and wonderful use! Have a lovely weekend!


Dianne said...

Bonjour Colette~ love that little stand perfect for displaying those lovely postcards.
I guess a talking point in my home is a black hippopotamus made from timber and covered in leather. He stands about 18 inches tall and most people comment on him - unfortunately the down side is that children try to ride him and he has suffered from a fracture to the hip
+ I have noticed a bits of grafitti here and there.

Carole said...

I think you were destined to have this special piece being a rainy day they were most likely not as busy and you had that extra shot of getting to see it first.


Unknown said...

how charming Colette wished Id been at the market tooo
Most people commen ton the Unicorn over my door ! fay xx

Jade Creative said...

Love this piece. My most talked about piece right now is an iron grate which I have propped in my kitchen bay window. Hopefully we'll find some treasures when in Paris late summer this year.
Have a fabulous day!