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Apr 14, 2012

Pauline's White house : Update

Here is the latest update to Pauline's White house as promised..
I have been savouring it a bit before sharing, well I suppose the same as turning that exciting find over and over, really taking it all in. I love Pauline and Henk's home. For  me it is like sitting down with the best book found, no interruptions,just the luxury of time to fully enjoy each page...
When Pauline so kindly and graciously allowed me the freedom to walk through her home and garden to capture images for my blog, I was once again struck by her  attention to detail. The smallest item  has it's perfect special place. Since the first post I did on her home,  subtle changes have been made with a huge impact. Black, charcoal and script have been introduced throughout the house and I love it even more, which surprised me because I could not imagine anything added to the already gorgeous rooms before...

note to Pauline:.... my name is stuck underneath this chest...

Kitchen before:

Kitchen update:

Perfect marriage of glass, pewter and green

 This is my absolute favorite room...the wash room..sun room, best room...When Pauline said she was hoping I would visit before the leaves drop, I had no idea just how special it was..the creeper has made it's way inside under the eaves and continues to lank it's way across the room. This is impossible to re-create and I can fully understand why even the plant's want to be inside!

 The perfect spot to  rest in between doing the kind of place since I am happiest surrounded by my vintage linens...

 Where the people of the house come to rest..

In the powder room, there is an amazing crocheted panel in the door made by Pauline's mother, complimented by another embroidered version in English of  "Onse Vader..."

Surrounded by family members and memorabilia in Henk's study

Another refreshing surprise...
The TV -media room...yes it can be done. It can look pretty when out on display!

Thank you Pauline, Henk and Imke for inviting us into 
your serene beautiful inspiring abode..

A bientot

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