la Brocanteuse

Jan 30, 2013

O . live is a shop filled with curiosity.
Capetonians have been flocking to this carefully curated little gem  for years.

Rupert Smith and Warren Matthee, 
opened their store 10 years ago

 is an amazing and ever-changing  mix of flea market finds, modern classics, sophisticated ceramics and glassware

it is a chemistry of living

question:    why  and how is it meant to be pronounced ?
answer:   " is pronounced like the word “olive”. The spelling is a play on words, highlighting the word “live”. We included the unusual punctuation as a bit of a joke, because we came up with the name at the time of the .com boom.

 45D Leaville Flats,
 Kloof Street,
 Cape Town. 
Tel – 021 426 5773.


NanaDiana said...

I can see why people would make that high on their priority of "shops to visit". It is just wonderful. I would love to walk through there- xo Diana

okcamp said...

I would love to shop there. Everything is displayed beautifully.

20 North Ora said...

Beautiful shop. Would love to just walk around and look. Thanks for sharing the shop with us.


Pura Vida said...

I crush apothecary

Burlap Luxe said...

O, Colette i would lose myself in the wonderful shop of curiosity, the covered cutting boards with cloches, the apothecary jars, the wooden measuring spoons, the shelves filled with treasures I could so marriage in my homes decor.
You have the best places to shop! And I so wish I could walk through those doors for a little inspiration.

Tell me Col a bit more about the name, do you know how it came the owners name Olive? And the spaced it to be O, Live for living in a manner you desire!
I find there name double intriguing.
The best part of a great shop is to have a great name :)

See you soon and the pieces of curiosity you so inspire.

Unknown said...

Dear Col, THANK YOU for sharing and revealing all the wonderful treasures at Especially the Cabinet-treasures! I've been re-inspired by your lovely book and have been busily collecting and putting together a display/cabinet of sorts. I look forward to sharing many more curious cabinets with you! xxx Berns

Acquired Objects said...

Looks like just the sort of shop I love to poke around in. Love the name too.

I hope you're doing well Col!


Nella Miller said...

Dear Colette, such an interesting array of objects, keeping the eye engaged at all times! Visual merchandising is such a huge part of retail, and these shop owners are very good at it! A store I would love to explore! N.xo

ann said...

o yes an amazing shop - really so well put together with gorgeous product.And yes that's what you get with both being visual merchandisers!!!
Stunning post,beautiful pics!!!