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Jan 27, 2013

Better is better

There is a old Gaelic saying:
" Keep a thing seven years and you'll find a use for it"

Well, the images I am sharing in this post,
 has not been around seven years yet,
but rather those that has somehow  just landed in forgotten files the past year or two.

Just random moments, those in between as one move from one subject to the next , camera in hand.

Since I am about to switch over
 from PC to MAC after "for ever"
(all most 20 years?)

I have been working on "cleaning up"
 my computer files this weekend, 
sorting , dumping, copying files to cd for storing..

 remembering occasions 
as I work through digital albums

it seems like yesterday...

so as I am about to press "delete from file"
 on the moments 

I remember another saying:
"Everything is good for something"

at least I will have them here in this post
should I want to look back
so copy the good ones, delete the not so good
and start anew.
if not today - when?

There are few things so freeing, then to "declutter". 
Have a good week

 all above images : home-Stb

image: Henrique Wilding

I shall be finishing research 
for a story I am working on, more about that later.


Divine Theatre said...

Odd, how "nothings" turn into "somethings" the moment we have to say goodbye?
When will we know more about your story? I am intrigued!



NanaDiana said...

I have such a hard time deleting pictures- especially those of the kids-even when they are bad ones!

There are some gorgeous images here-I am glad you chose to keep them- xo Diana

Acquired Objects said...

I wish you great computer luck in switching I've heard it isn't always easy. Don't you worry Col we'll be right here waiting for your return!