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Jul 7, 2012

French Brocante and fairs..

Sharing some images of this week's activities  at French Brocantes and fairs

stopping for espresso and frittes

I spotted her as she stepped onto the pavement...

She accepted the invite to come home with us..

 Dd enjoys the Brocante fairs in the rural areas much more for all the activities around...

there was time for out rides this week  amongst the vineyards at the  local village club, and she was invited to join in the equestrian classes which she was most excited about..guess French horses  understand English as well...or is it the other way around? 

early to rise tomorrow, for our last Sunday Brocante on this trip
love from France




Pura Vida said...

I would be in heaven at the linen booth

helen tilston said...

A perfect day - a wonderful brocante, delicious fries and horses.

Thanks for sharing
Helen xx

Fleaing France & French Shopping said...

Have a wonderful last day of brocantes! I hope that you find treasures galore!!!!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

I would love to shop there.

The Blue Farmhouse said...

There's several pictures I love...the blue and white teacup of course:) and Dd packing and pointing that gun (better not mess with her) and already learning a bargain when she sees one. What a very lucky girl.

Sharon Lee Johnson said...

DD looks like she is having such fun time! (And she is such a cutie) We are in Plett for a week, this afternoon watching the Wimbledon final with strawberries and champagne but I would still rather be shopping at a brocante and drinking espresso at a cafe! Xx Sharon

Burlap Luxe said...

Hi Colette what a team you and Dd are :)
She is so adorable as her Mom, Mum, Mere is :)

I know you were taken with the textiles and all the goodies that follow at a brocante.
I too would have enjoyed shopping right along side of you! next time :) as for now we shop right along with you Via your blog site.

Take care, enjoying all you share.

Anonymous said...

All the best, and safe travels as you go on your vacation from the brocantes and then home!

Thank you for sharing - my husband had a job offer that would have involved twice yearly travel to Paris. I was so excited! But, after months of promises, the offer just disappeared. Very disappointing.

Fortunately we have your photos to look at - I study them closely, picking out those items that I would have loved and possibly bought. The clothes form would definitely have been one of them! Such a lovely shape to her!

Bon voyage!

Cris (Shepard in Chicago)

Acquired Objects said...

OMG what is Dd doing up so high in the air? She's getting so big Col and she's beautiful just like her Mom. What a lucky young lady to have the experiances she has traveling with you.

I hope you're enjoying some down time too!

Veronica said...

Hi Col...oooh enjoy the last lil bit! Dd looks like a master and like she is having a load of fun! The weather looks great there...will try to banish the rain before you get back!!!



PS: Spied loads of lovely things in your pics xx

Sopa Azul said...

A perfect day! :o)

French said...

Everything looks so fantastic and fun....too many great things especially the mannequin and Dd and the horses! Oohh!

noreen said...

looks like you are having a wonderful time - shopping can be exhausting! hope you have time to squeeze in some me time. Your litte apprentice is doing a great job - you taught her well!

Cathy said...

Hi Col - it looks like you are all having the most amazing time!! Enjoy every moment. I think I might need to pop by Franschoek this weekend..... Cold and rainy here. Cath x

French-Kissed said...

Following your posts is the next best thing to being the photo of Dd carrying the dress form.


Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

What mother/daughter fun you are having. She is learning and loving the Brocantes at "the foot of a master" and still frolicing like the child she is. What a beauty and treasure!

Love traveling with you, ma chère!


Splenderosa said...

I am loving all the fun Dd is having, and I know this is really the best part for you too. Big hug...

michele said...

my first visit to your blog, and i am enchanted! please please tutor me in all things fleamarket and french as i will be flea-ing there in october!

smiles to you.


Anonymous said... seem to be having an amazing time..I LOVE the very stylish lady with the dog in the basket trolley...just so very French.
I am so excited to see that you are posting again..I miss you when you disappear!
Love from a hot and dusty Dubai!!!!

Carol said...

What a lovely way to spend a Saturday. I would have invited that shapely beauty to come home with me as well. Thank you for sharing your day with me.