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Jul 17, 2012

Au Revoir France, Bonjour Afrique du Sud

We arrived back in Cape Town from France,
one day before the Franschoek Bastille weekend ~ 14/15 July 2012
I was invited to take part in the French market that is part of the French Festival.
It was a crazy hectic few days before:

 5  cubic square metres of old French vintage linen, hemp, lace and market finds were packed up, and transported to the shipping company in Paris from where it will be forwarded for further handling and shipping back to South Africa..expected to arrive here not yet confirmed date in August.

Two days later we left Paris for Afrique du Sud.
Last minute shopping at the airport Laduree store.
 Dd got her favorite midnight blue tea ,  I indulged in Marie Antoinette Rose home fragrance, and macarons of course.

 a well deserved bubbly before take off...

 and it is Au Revoir  Paris...can you see the Seine below..

a healthy meal of
 premium smoked salmon tartare served 
with fresh cream, garnished with dill and capers
 followed by 
fresh fillet of Sea bass, lightly oven baked
 served with sauteed leaf spinach, carrot batons and olive oil potatoes, with lively spiced salsa sauce..

 Dd got ready for movie channel

 Moi opted for the back massage ...heavenly! and then fell asleep, with French memories and excitement of a successful trip doing what I love most..

 next day.. 
Bonjour Afrique du Sud!

 Bonjour Cape wine lands...soooo lovely to be home!

 Bonjour our little resident squirrel, .. where is your friend? I see it is winter here!

 I literally left all suit cases in the entrance hall, heading straight to my store room to get ready for Bastille the next day.

  The Pierrot Gourmand that was a gift from my friend in France shared space with the old doll in my hand luggage..


 It was a easy market to do , all the tables were already set out and signage provided, I could just put out and take it all in...being home, still surrounded with the colors of France....

 Thank you to all that stopped by to say hello, as always so special and much appreciated when you do..

Thank you mr LB, Dd and Christel for helping me set up at the French market  in record time..
Merci beaucoup France for the never ending 
joy of markets..


Deborah said...

Wow looks like a wonderful trip, hope you have a happy week sweetie

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Pura Vida said...

what a fun post to read and look at!

michele said...

i'm luxuriating in your post and dreaming of our upcoming journey to paris! thanks for so much lovely.


Shel said...

Always good to visit your blog.
How gorgeous are your finds.
I so have enjoyed the photos of your trip to France..
Thanks for sharing

Sharon Lee Johnson said...

You must be exhausted. What a schedule! I hope the Bastille Festival was a success and I'm sure you are looking forward to all your treasures arriving. I think now it's time to do some relaxing! x Sharon

Veronica said...

Hi Col

I hope you have had time to kick back en relax! Lovely pics of your trip home.

Was great to see you at Bastille! Still cold from all the!

Thanks for the mention...turns out I was quite snap happy in spite of the rain!

Sending love


fiona anderson said...

Your adventures in France sound amazing, and I loved your description of the flight and the food and the great view of the Seine.
Thanks so much for sharing this with us !

The Blue Farmhouse said...

Welcome Home! Where do I begin? I know!...I would trade places with Dd in a heartbeat:) But since I can't I anxiously awaited a new post, beautiful pictures and treasures galore. Check...wish list fulfilled:)

sharon santoni at my french country home said...

Goodness Colette, I so admire your stamina -straight off the plane and onto your stand! Hope you find some time to rest

Acquired Objects said...

Talk about whirlwind trip and show! I love hearing about everything you do and hoped the show was good for you. I can't wait to see your ton of linens all laid out. How are your pups? I bet they missed you!


Burlap Luxe said...

O, Colette Beauty is all around you, how can you stand it, its more than I can stand reading and looking at it. I swoon, sigh, and am left breathless in every bit of what you share. Your designs and postings inspire me in so many ways, and your little Dd is as divine as can be, what a little traveling shopping partner to love.

Thank you I am off to a boring un-eventful day to our discount fabric store this is as close as I will be to anything remotely French linens, but you know me I will add it to my old making it as much French brocante as can be...for now that is until I get my hands on the good stuff again :)

See you soon, after my heart surgery you have caused me with all your beauty over here :) Not really on the heart surgery but it should be!

lots of beauty in your village life.

French said...

Great ending to a fantastic trip! But what airline is that...looks super comfy! I am impressed with your 1,000 kilos of goodies!

noreen said...

welcome home Colette, looks like you had avery successful buying trip - cant wait to see what you have. I'm amused at the banana boxes, could they have left SA with bananas and returned with linen lovelies?
have a great weekend!

La Brocanteuse said...

Andrea: French Basketeer, the airline we always use from Cape Town to Paris and back is Emirates.

Noreen: ha the banana boxes...for some reason most Brocanteurs use them in France, I suppose they are free, strong and manageable...since this is what I get with linen when choosing and buying, etc, I re use them, just add a insert in top , and are easy to handle with " cut out. " handles...for other smalls I buy tape,bubblewrap and cartons at the stationary shop..



Anonymous said...

Welcome home! I'm glad it was a safe and successful trip.

I'm hoping to take my daughter to London or Paris this next year - I think 9 is a great time to capture their imagination. My grandmother took me to Paris when I was 9 - though it was a little easier for her given that we were in Germany, with the US military at the time. I think we'll be wedged into coach though!

Can't wait to see the sheets you have en route. My little source for french sheets seems to have dried up - their website keeps saying Page Not Found and I feel bereft. Here's hoping that with all that wonderful energy you have, you find your way to shipping to the States.

All the best,
Cris (Chicago)

La Dolfina said...

What an amazing trip!
Your daughter is having quite the idyllic childhood I must say,,,
I had dinner last night with a wonderful new friend from South Africa who regaled us with fascinating history and stories. I was telling him about you!!!
Welcome home!
How long were you gone?

Blooming Rose Musings said...

Welcome home, Colette. What an amazing trip you had. You must be exhausted from your travels and then setting up so quickly for a show. I am looking forward to seeing more photos when your treasures arrive. Your Dd is precious and what an expert travelling companion she is.
I hope you are able to get some rest now. XO

vicki archer said...

what a wonderful trip... xv

Stephanie Suzanne Designs said...


I found your blog by searching for French Laces. I've enjoyed your blog and am your newest follower.

Stephanie Suzanne

Nella Miller said...

Oh Colette, I have been away from my blogging friends too long.....what a wonderful post this is! As I have asked before...How can you part with such beauty? Wonderful eye you have! The banana boxes made me smile....I filled over 100 during our move....they are the best, sturdy and free! I hit all of the local groceries stores every morning for them....your little darling daughter is so lovely. I shall be visiting every chance to see your lovely finds! N.xo

Anonymous said...

Hey Col
I thought I recognised the aircraft details!!!Next time you fly Emirates please stop over for a day or two in our dust bowl....we have some interesting places to see and I would love to show you all around....I cannot offer you a Brocante but we have a couple of spectacular French Restaurants!!
Your trip looked wonderful..thanks for sharing all the beauty!

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Hi Colette! Sounds like you had a wonderful trip but it is always great to be home. I can't wait to see everything you bought in Paris.

Burlap Luxe said...

Hi Colette :)
I am stopping back over to see some of your much older postings looking for the beauty you so inspire here. I also wanted to check in with you to see what you have been up to and whats your creative plans now that you are back home from your wonderful French holiday.

I went to Pauline's white house taking in that wonderful Kitchen and of course the rooms you have created here and your beach house, and your Noel post, I am getting ready to do a holiday post getting a jump on it so not to lag behind this year with all I am creating for my etsy shop and postings to follow.

see you soon,
may your days be filled with beauty and inspiration.