la Brocanteuse

Jan 2, 2011

take time

image~ La Brocanteuse~
-table scape for a friends birthday:theme: Wisdom with Time

Hello Blog land, hello Blog friends
As time passes, there are new beginnings
and so it is for me

image:~La Brocanteuse  ~
  our Conservatory 

I have had time to make a long list of what needs to be done

around the garden
new topiaries, more boxwood,more white, new herb garden

image: from my garden file~ inspiration for a back wall I would like to do
plant: Star Jasmine 

image:~  la Brocanteuse~
 painting found at brocante in France, Olive branch from garden in old provencal jar 

in our home
some new upholstery where needed,
design study nook for DD since she is growing up fast,
let go of unused crockery,stuff for "maybe" days 
 and clothes I will never fit in again 
 more time with friends,
healthy lifestyle

image:~ la Brocanteuse~
 rolls of linen and hemp in laundry basket -waiting to be used as upholstery

image: ~La Brocanteuse~

  at the Beach house
complete refurbish- looking forward to this!!
it has been ten years of looking the same so change is good.

image:  ~la Brocanteuse~from beach house

 new Brocante finds to be found
image:~la Brocanteuse~
 la Poste Sac

 Trouvaille  for my  Brocante and events

images:~la Brocanteuse 
 linen and textiles  found on a previous trip to French country side 

 image: ~ la Brocanteuse
trouvaille for my Brocante 2010 

must plan: 
Sortie to:
                 Africa -Okavango Delta - Botswana 
weekend getaways,Concerts  and shows to attend 
(to feed the cultural diet)

I wish you twelve happy months 2011

image: ~la Brocanteuse~
 booklet with wise words given to us by a friend many moons ago

perhaps I need more then twelve months for all the above!


renilde said...

Dear Colette it's so nice to have plans and dreams for this brand new year.I'm also longing to be out in my garden but at the moment there is not much to do but watch the melting snow.I'm already dreaming of the first soft springday.
Have fun dreaming and creating, x Renilde

Trouvais said...

Bonjour Colette! Sounds like a very healthy and happy New Year for you. Your photographs make my heart stop...especially of your linens. Hope you open that online shop soon! So glad you entered the blog have so much talent to share. My list of to do's is so similar to yours...its going to be a great year. XOXO Trish

Acquired Objects said...

Long list of must-do's here also, I'll be happy if I get to half. Love your images you're a very good photographer. Glad to hear you're up and about, stay healthy. Happy New Year!


Mona Thompson said...

We need to do a lot of the same things. I'm proud of you for getting your thoughts all sorted out and down on paper so soon. I haven't been that focused yet, but you have definitely inspired me. Happy New Year! Mona

Burlap Luxe said...

Colette, beauty all around you my dear, and a soulful heart you have for all things Brocante.
Love the garden can you come give me pointers.

See you soon into the new year!!
Happy New year....

"Bonne année, Le plus heureux des nouvelles années."

Design Elements said...

Happy new 2011! Best wishes

Carole said...

Happy and Healthy New Year to you. Change is good most of the time but especially at the start of a new year.


French-Kissed said...

Such a delight to visit you...I must thank Trish for the introduction...I wish you health, happiness and abundance in the New Year and the successful completion of all of your "to do's" will be fascinating to watch all of this come together.


sharon santoni at my french country home said...

Great list of to-do's Colette, so glad to hear that your year is getting off to a good start.
LOVE that wall of XX apple blossom - how clever is that?!

lvroftiques said...

I just discovered your blog and have spent the last few hours reading it from cover to cover. I'm totally enraptured! Vanna

Anonymous said...

have a wonderful 2011 too and may all your drams come true and tour "to do" list gets ticked!

Blooming Rose Musings said...

Hello Colette-I wish you a very Happy New Year. I also have a long list of "to-do's". I just know it will take me longer than a year! First I must tend my is time to prune them in California. And after that I must start my long list.
Sweet friend, I wish you a Happy New Year filled with many blessings for you and your family.

Shel said...

Hello Collete..wishing you a Happy New Year. Your photos belong in a magazine...gorgeous.
Love the wall of Jasmine...
Take care.
Shel ♥

Mélanie A. said...

Dear Colette, It is so great to see you are back . I wish you the very best for this new year , hope this year will be sweet and rich ( with health , good felings and more)
Bonne année
May be we will meet this year

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Beautiful photos. Funny how you and I can live so far apart and have our love of the marches aux puces in common. Excited to check out your lovely blog more thoroughly...
and become a follower.
Mary Ann

Mary Ann Pickett said...

PS. I love how you have original photos. Putting you on my blog list. Going to Paris in April!
Mary Ann

La Brocanteuse said...

Thank you Mary Ann,
I like to use my own photo's and it is appreciated that you have noticed that. April in Paris is FAB! I need to go either before then or in May..still working on logistics. wouldn't it be fun if we were there together..but I see us reaching for the same trouvaille at the market..! thank you for adding me to your blog list- did the same here. Col

designchic said...

I'm thrilled your doing so well!! As for your that's an aggressive list - can't wait to follow along!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Colette...we'll be in Paris the week of April 10. Would be fun to see you. The US Dollar is not so great against the Euro though. How is it for you?
Mary Ann

Unknown said...

hello Collette I have just found you through mary ann Im so pleased ! we like all the same things You will see that i lived in Paris for over 2 years and have visted regularly all my life So i look forward to sharing your beauiful blog .I have subscribed and become a follower hope to see you Fay xx

Divine Theatre said...

Thank you so much for posting on my blog! It looks like we have much in common, my friend! I just moved and unpacked ll my lovely things from storage...doing things a bit backward! I've saved the rugs for last! LOL!
Any advice you wish to share would mean a great deal to me!


Anonymous said...

Dear Colette,
lovely post as always, great pictures!
Happy new year ma Chère!
Bisous, Babi