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Oct 2, 2011

Vintage ideas for Gift wrapping

I have had the good opportunity to share some ideas about Christmas gift wrapping for the December Christmas 2011  issue of Garden and Home magazine 

The suggestion here is to give a gift of wrapping supplies.. 
I put together some tissue paper,string, tags, ribbon, pegs,embellishments and handmade  Christmas ornaments

Vintage music paper covered lid, punched stars double glued onto string, vintage image on box copied from old music sheet.


presentation on your table..
 Christmas crackers tied up in a vintage French  napkin with pretty ribbon

another French monogrammed napkin simply with added name using a vintage style dolly peg

 wrapping a bottle

for Monsieur....
coir wrapped wine bottle:
I simply wrapped the bottle with coir starting at the bottom working my way up, securing loose ends with small nails at the bottom and top. 

Dd made stars using  vintage music paper
 de famille:....  add name to star 

I used  French vintage lace instead of ribbon, the idea being to make use of what you have available.Any lace and ribbon of your choice will look pretty for the same effect.

French word -pegs


Vintage millinery - a gift in itself..

 for Mademoiselle...... vintage lace for bow

Simple white tissue paper, Vintage French lace,  hand sewn vintage button hearts..

 all of the above will be available
from  my  vintage French linen stall at the upcoming
KAMERS VOL GESKENKE event taking place
at LOURENSFORD ESTATE 25 - 29 October 2011


Yesterday was the start of the annual Agri equestrian  events.
Dd discussing Mace ( so named because of his color similar to nutmeg)  with Boyesen ,our right hand around home, events and even grooming..

Benhur Mace is her much loved 
18year old Welsh pony
here Dd is walking Mace with her trainer..just going through some last minute preparations..

I am happily forced to take time off from all the preparations for my upcoming brocante event... more about that next time..this week it's Dd and Mace


Acquired Objects said...

Great ideas, love every single one of them and will even try a few, thank you for the tips. Dd looks great in her riding outfit and especially sitting atop her handsome Mace. Good luck to Dd and all her riding events.

Burlap Luxe said...

First of all Colx,
Dd looks adorable with her mace, as well al all her proper English ridding clothes with her fine looking pony nutmeg in colour!

Love your holiday ideas as well, in fact I love them more then mine :)
From here on in I know we are going to see quite a few great ideas, some that may inspire something new out of us adding our twist to things.

Have a great event coming up, see you and all the beauty you inspire from your heart to your hands.


Virginia said...

She's adorable and looks so at home on her pony. The gift ideas were great and I am now wanting those French word pegs!

Mélanie A. said...

She looks so chic , she is a princess .

Anonymous said...

Colette-your daughter looks wonderfully turned out and I love how she matches the pony!! Perfectly styled...Too adorable for words!
As for your gorgeous Christmas ideas...inspirational as are so talented my friend!
Hope you're now fully recovered...

French said...

Col, love all the images, each and every one of them! Ah a young equestrienne and her horse, what fun, though she looks like it's serious business! I wish I could be there for your event end of this month...

Thank You Gifts said...

All gorgeous ideas! I personally woulod be thrilled if I received a box of wrapping goodies!! :D