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Oct 5, 2011

How does the light shine....

On my way out this morning I caught a glimpse of the sun playing with objects..
the reflection on the floor of the  French lace curtains  made me stop..

I  grabbed my camera to catch it before the shadows moved on

 saw more play and reflections..

the leaves on the fabric was shining and the color of the marble changed for a few short seconds..

 being brutally pulling, moving or dusting to make it  "right"
the light on the old gold velvet curtain in powder room...had to catch it quick.

some reflection inside my Cabinet du Curiocite

and just before I closed the door behind me...
saw the light on the  image that I have in my blogger name.

in reality it is a tiny circ 1920 bon bon dish that was a gift from France

petit ange leaning against the books looks dusty, but she is actually very old,mottled and weathered..that is why I love her even more-she was a birthday gift from a friend a few years ago.

 I have had the tiny bon bon dish for so long, and only when I casually photographed it the first time, noticed the inscription  impossible to make out with the naked eye on the Eiffel tower..
it reads:

Have a lovely day!

ps..this was the quickest post I have ever done and it was so much fun!


Acquired Objects said...

Sometimes spur of the moment posts are the best. This was fun to see and I'm going to have to keep an eye out for our light. Enjoy the rest of your week.

Hugs Debra,

Tricia said...

I've always wondered about your blog header, so happy to see it in full. Love this post and your fun images capturing the light!
T said...

You really captured some lovely shots. Very pretty:)
~Debra xxx

The House That A-M Built said...

Oh Col, the quick posts are often the best! I live by the 'quick post'. I love the light through your lace curtains. You have the most beautiful, beautiful things. Sorry I have not been over here for a while. I have had the most shockingly, sad year. Will email you. A-M xx

ann said...

What a beautiful post-stunning pics!!

Veronica said...

Hi Col. I have not been here for a while so have caught up on a few posts and enjoyed every one!


Blinds said...

You can know how doesa light shine from this post