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Sep 4, 2011

I'ts a wrap! thank you

 image: source unknown

Almost back on my feet,literally
one  more week to go and off with the cast hee ha!!
yes I's still a process, but hey it has been eight weeks (two months!)of  planning, admin and getting priorities in order..
I am working on the newsletter, recording stock and has mastered most that is doable on the Ipad. That was good since I would not have taken  that time to figure it out if I wasn't forced to.

Landscape artist   Strijdom van der Merwe was 
commissioned by the Dorp Street Foundation
to decorate 131 oak trees with 18 kilometers of red cloth during winter 2008.
 that is pretty much what happened to me..all wrapped up and protected ....

 Dorp street Stellenbosch 2008

thank goodness for online shopping, 

though I may have gone a bit overboard and lost count every now and then...

We are moving into spring and the trees are budding.The garden awaits and I am looking forward to having the new area planted I actually planned from my immobile position and watched over from the window.The paving has been done under the huge old magnolia tree, electric plug point installed since I thought it would be fun to connect a real huge chandelier dripping with crystals from the Magnolia over a long table on a perfect summer evening. 

    this tapestry that I looked at EVERYDAY was a source of inspiration.. shall share with you soon..

I shall invite all my dear friends that looked in on me, spoilt us with home made soups, stews and puds throughout the winter.spoilt me with flowers by the armfull and not forgetting- driving DD to and back from birthday parties, horseriding lessons and afterschool actvities.. Yes that is how long it has been! my whole winter was spent in very much one position..legs stretched out in front of me, loads of books around me, falling asleep in and amongst enough softness, pillows and comforters.
I love winter, it is my favorite time of the year... I love to be outside, all wrapped up with scarves and coat. 
Maybe I should have planned a trip to the European Christmas markets end of the year...mmm still one week left to be still. a lot can be done!


Although we are  sharing ideas in front of  roaring fires, spring has sprung. The old oak trees are budding.
have a lovely week!



Acquired Objects said...

I’m so happy for you Colette and sounds like you’re chopping at the bit to run free…one more week…yippppeeee! While you’re anticipating spring we have a few trees starting to change color for our fall. I hope your spring brings you everything your heart desires!

French said...

Been thinking of you and watching and waiting for a post! Glad to hear you are on the path to wellness~

Burlap Luxe said...

Hi Colette,
It will be like a new you and having your freedom with out a cast will be like breaking out of prison LOL!!!

I can't imagine having to wear a cast for a week let alone the weeks you have :(

The post with the trees all in ther red cast is maot likely exactly how you felt!
Love the lace one, that tree is so tres' chic!!

Take care, I am sure you will have one skinny leg and one not so skinny when you get the cast of, I sure did!

come visit dear
I am excited to see what next you will be posting with you soon to be new freedom with out lugging that casted leg around!

Sharon Lee Johnson said...

I'm so glad you are nearly up and about. You seem to be in very good spirits and I'm sure, champing at the bit to get on with things. Your new garden area sounds wonderful. I love the idea of a chandelier hung under a tree. I hope you will show us when it is finished. x Sharon

Maison de lin said...


I lve the picture of the "globes" on the table en I'm also glad to hear you are on the good way.

Take care

Veronica said...

Hi Colette. Great to hear from you and that you are almost mended!!

Wow the tapestry is gorgeous and I imagine it inspired the colours for the new planting maybe?

Chandelier from Magnolia what can be more romatic and chic?

So, The Bos (as we call it aka students children) is all wrapped up again!

Good luck for the last bit of recovery and looking forward to your posts.


European Chic said...

The wrapped trees look beautiful!

Do come over to France for the Christmas markets this year. I can show you around.

Greetings from Paris!

noreen said...

Its been such a long time since you've been laid up so I'm glad to hear you are almost ready to put all that behind you. Your time has been well spent!! Looking forward to all the lovely goodies you have to share. Take care!

Anonymous said...

Hi Colette
I am SO happy to hear that you are on the mend , almost free of the cast, and most of all that you are posting again...I have missed your wonderful posts my friend!
Your plans sound exciting and I will be following them all on line....

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear that you are near to being back on your feet. What a long haul its been - it feels like forever since we were on vacation in San Diego and you were starting this surgical journey. I can only imagine how its been for you and the family! I'm glad to hear you've had great people taking such good care of you.

I hope this spring is filled with hope...

Cris S.

sharon santoni at my french country home said...

Glad to hear that you're almost recovered, eight weeks must have felt like a very long time.
We're lookng forward to see what goodies you'll be showing us

Anonymous said...

Have a great budding spring...vitality springing from both feet! I can just imaging that ipad gadchet overheating with all the internet browsing and shopping! but enough of that now..time to get working on that magnolia tree nook with the chandelle!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Here we are just enjoying the first cool days of the approaching autumn and I'm practically giddy with excitement. As you describe... autumn and winter are simply my favourites! And online shopping? Can't beat it! I'm so happy you're feeling better!

Atelier be, de Beauchêne et Cie. said...

Oh how I wish we were moving into Spring too instead of looking down the barrel of winter...... but there are the Christmas markets in Switzerland, and oh, I nip over to Colmar in France too! Thansk so much for adding me onto your blog, I really appreciate it - I was away with my family all Summer, but am back now and motivated to get blogging!

XX fondly, jess