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Jan 19, 2011

tussie mussie

The first day of a new school year.
I still remember...
the smell...of "newness" 
 new uniform, new shoes that squeak, new stationary 

Dd set out everything as neat as possible , just ready to dress and be on time.
She woke us more than a hour before the alarm was set to go off
"wake up- we are going to be late for school!"
 she said.
ha- ha.. that will be my line for the rest of the year..

This year dd is a grade 2 scholar.
She understands about an apple for the teacher..

I found her in the garden
 putting together a tussie mussie for her new teacher..
I was a little sad , for all I was asked to do was to tie it together with a little pink ribbon from her drawer..

yes, pink is still  the favorite
all most little girls go through a "pink stage"
for some it lasts longer....

remember the little pink trolley from the brocante in France?

this satchel  belongs to the same family of pink accessories.
easy to find in her all white bedroom!

I do not remember pink satchels though.

In our days we had leather satchels,with compartments and a special front pocket
 for a lunch box.
I remember my lunch box- 
it was a  blue square hinged tin  with a pretty picture of a fluffy white doggy on it. I wonder if I chose that?
Perhaps it originally came with old English toffees.. 

they just don't make lunch boxes like they used to..
today they  are made from a canvas/plastic type   with  "zippers"!!
I wish I had a Pierrot Gourmand with lollies..
to add one every now and then  to her lunch box as a treat.

what do you remember from
 first "back to school" days? 


Acquired Objects said...

Wow, now we're going back a few years but I loved my metal lunch box. I always loved school, new pencils, books of paper, seeing my friends and eyeing new ones. Every fall when a new school year starts here in the States I still sort of miss not being part of going back to something. Thanks for the walk down memory lane and I hope DD had a wonderful first day at school.

Sharon @ Roses and Rust said...

You really took me on a trip down memory lane with this post. My parents were farmers in the Karoo and I was a weekly boarder in the local dorp. The hostel used to send a big "blik" of sandwiches over to the school which wasn't very appetising and I used to be so envious of the day girls and boys with their beautifully packed lunches. I think I might be overcompensating now with my own children!
I happily stumbled across your blog the other day and have so enjoyed reading it. There don't seem to be many South African blogs on decor or interiors so it has been a real treat. Thank-you!

julie said...

Oh those first days of school...the new Jack and Jill shoes...the new uniforms just a little bot too big so you could grow into them...what a lovely post Colette...such good memories of being young!

desde my ventana said...

Oh Colette so sweet and wonderful memories of those days.
i looove your pictures,

lvroftiques said...

Your DD did a beautiful job with her tussie mussie. I'm sure her teacher was charmed *winks* I remember having a tartan tin lunch box with a matching thermos. I thought it was the coolest thng ever lol! I based all my fashion decisions on whether a skirt would twirl well! It had to go up in the air so my petticoat would show.The smell of ink from the mimeograph intoxicating..
Colette if you have any trouble with ordering the book I'd be happy to send it to you. Vanna

designchic said...

Oh my, what a dear tussie mussie...and so beautifully arranged - seeing the artistic talent already!! I vividly remember my new notebook, pencil holder and of course my new dress!

quintessence said...

What a sweet post. Your daughter is adorable and I love that she made the little tussie mussie for her teacher. I of course remember lunch boxes as well - always loved picking out a new one every year along with my new shoes and outfit.

Notes From ABroad said...

How sweet and touching this post is !
My early days in school were terrible, I was shy and a new child in a new town and hated school and everything about it :)
I am happy those days are over but I loved when my children were in school, they were much happier than I was !

Sharon @ Roses and Rust said...

Thank you so much for your comments. I hope DD had a wonderful first day back at school and hope you have a lovely weekend. x Sharon

Divine Theatre said...

What a lovely little girl! As talented as her mother, I see!
As an aside, will you post more photographs of your beautiful yard?

LaPouyette said...

Hi Colette,
I just remember my first school day that I had a big "Schultuete" filled up with all kind of sweeties which I did not liked at all! Although, I was not all that 'little' in size, the piece was half of my size and in my opinion far out of proportion. I felt embarrassed.
Anyway I did not liked all the 'noises' about first school day, just want to start learning.

So, we all have different thoughts, memories and...

But these pictures of DD are lovely!

Bon Weekend and take care

Tricia said...

What a little sweetie!! That pic of her with her pink trolley in France is precious. My little one will turn 7 in just over a month and she is slowly moving from pink to blue. ;)