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Jun 20, 2010

Last Sunday Brocante... no no..just for us that is!!! We will be departing on Wednesday back home to South Africa, arriving there Thursday 16.25 pm. yes long indeed but well worth it and all the more reason for filling up the last little shoe and secret corners in my suitcase!
We woke up to clear skies and excited for the day (which allso happens to be Fathers day)
no time to have breakfast- just grabbed some coffee and we were on our way.Today we would travel to three different Vide Greniers in the Brive-la-Gaillarde area.
 Back home in S.A we have a homemade" rusk" which is sort of like a dried chunk of bread, but heavier,and mixed into the  dough  is some bran,  nuts, raisins and muesli...dried slowly in the oven after being baked like a bread. After baking, it is broken into  hand size chunks and then dried. This is often what one has in the morning with your coffee which can last you a few hours.
Apart from a few other things DD (darling daughter) is beginning to miss as you will see later, this is the one little South African habit she misses badly.
We arrived at the first Vide grenier which was located in a suburb in Brive and this was litteraly a block of streets that was cordoned off. In front of every house, the owners have emtied their attics. Although it was interesting to see, it was not what we were after today. A lot of clothing and old household goods were piled on tables and in boxes. If we had space for lovely old books, I could have loaded the car full of these, but unfortunately the bulk of our purchases on this trip has already been shipped back home, so what we find today has to go back with us in our baggage.
 The second vide grenier on our list was all so a no-no and we moved on to the last which should have been the first ..The setting was beautifull and clearly this was a big attraction today.

We arrived at De Belveyre and one could sence the excitement a mile away!! The parking area was full to capacity and people were walking back through fields  with arms full and smiles on their faces... once through  the entry gate, walking along a most beautifull packed stone wall, you could hear the music and smell food being prepared.

and there it was...

I found some monogrammed linen,
bobbin lace,
handmade lace curtains,vieux documents,
and just small pretty can't- leave - it- behind - bits,


DD was in paradise,....she could show off her  new pink trolley, she had a crepe Nutella, rode a pony and when I was looking for her ...the pink trolley was parked in the field..apart from her horse she misses back home, she has had enough of the only cardigan brought along - a navy and white striped favorit. We had no idea summer 2010 in France would be this cold. -only in degrees that is. We had a lovely last Brocante Sunday for this trip.

A bientot


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the lovely linen shots; much appreciated! I've enjoyed coming along on your trip!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Colette..have a wonderful year and a wonderful last two days!

La Brocanteuse said...

Thank you dear friend has been a wonderfull trip and we have added memories to last a lifetime! Colette x

La Brocanteuse said...

it is a pleasure Chris!..I specially set up the linen outside in the minutes of sun in between rain for you...will share all the rest once home..Colettex

Tish Jett said...

What a beautiful, beautiful blog you have. I'm thrilled to have found you.

(My former boss and friend wrote the screenplay for "Out of Africa" and won an Academy Award.)

Warmest regards,