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Jun 5, 2010

Arriving in Paris..

Mona Lisa welcomed us
at Charles de Gaulle Aerogare

In Paris ...
CDG was colourfull and posters everywhere.

We collected the rental auto for our departure to our first  linger
 in  the Loire Valley.
Next to the road we saw this view...

Two hours later and halfway to
 Mont Louis sur Loire,
 we made a stop,  to stretch legs, and get some refreshments,
very tired after being in transit for more than 24 hours..

Another bright picture complete with background oiseaux the rest room!

Rest Room doors
click to enlarge and see all 

a welcome note from our friends in their/(our) Loire Maison for the next few days...

wishing us a  wonderfull stay..

Fresh Pain from the Artisan Boulanger - Patissier

the first day was spent taking it all in....the view's, the smells, and comment from my DD (darling daughter age 7 and well travelled brocante lover)
"it sounds just like the french movies..!"
Today we visited our first Vide grenier in Tours...
I will share the  trouvaille later..
Travel mate  DD took the next two pics...,
a landmark , as well as phone numbers just in case we need it in the future,
she took note of my adorable is that!

Early to bed tonight, early rise tomorrow and travelling south  to the first Sunday- once a month market in Chateauroux looking for some more trouvaille.....

A Bientot



Tricia said...

Ooh, you will have such a fabulous time! We took our daughter when she was 4 and she loved every second of it (except for all the walking). :)

La Brocanteuse said...

Hello Morning T,
thank you for visiting- I will pop over to your site soon...oh I know, the walking is a thing..but have to say it get's easier..and a Carousel ride allways does the trick to entice her..although that is now a thing of the past it seems. we bought her her own camera and that has proven to be a good investment as she LOVES taking photographs, in fact some of the photo's were taken by her on my posts...Colx