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May 22, 2010

Shopping list and pointing fingers

I try my best.......
Before we take a trip, I print a "picture" list of things to do and especially for the markets..I will include all the "Brocante finds" as I call them..images collected as I come across them and saved for referral later...
It makes it a lot easier for me to just point with my finger at the picture when lost for words...not because I'm so in awe of all the goods on display..but some times it is really hard to explain what it is your looking for...

pictures can explain so many unknown words...

                                                                       image - moi

like monogrammed ruban, or wooden bobbins, 18th century handwritten documentaire,handmade dentelle or le marriage dome,  jardin cloche or just old boutonner

                                                                                     image source - unknown

Anja-Old stuff shop

I can highly recommend this.To just point at  the little thumbprint  on your contact sheet...will definitely get you some reaction...(after you have greeted properly of course!!) 

I have been given hand drawn maps with directions to a certain Madam or Monsieur who will certainly be able to help me...even if it is only to be sent  off  further down little alley's past  stalls with difficult to pass without entering  store fronts...often a  new piece of scribbled paper in hand of which I normally don't understand a word!..but I can tell you that almost every time I have found what I was looking for after the treasure hunt was concluded.

image - moi
I even do this for my  dealer friends who kindly offer to look out for perhaps a tapestry canton, (love those) tapestry embellished chair,

image - moi
                                                                                                 image - moi
a Gilt Louis xv1 Trumeau in just the right size and proportions to hang above the fireplace in our bedroom....

image - moi
I have had a lot of success with this method. It all started one day when my husband was  almost out the door on his way for a last minute sortie to my BF (Beloved France), when he kindly offered to bring back a specific book on French gardens I was trying to obtain ,and a new perfume that was not yet available in our sunny South...he took a "contact sheet" with him compiled eagerly by moi- complete with options and a few extra things added like a pretty pink and very delicious la boite de The Marie Antoinette from Laduree.A full description of specific handles only available from BHV, and a picture of the fountain tap he had to go and find..somewhere...
He came  home with all and the contact sheet was returned to me complete with little tick marks as he worked through the list, as well as prices compared. He actually enjoyed this little shopping list/treasure hunt!
                                                                                     image - moi
I have started to compile my list for the upcoming  trip ....more about that later.I will be happy to add your wanted item to my contact sheet...

A Bientot



Trouvais said...

Hi Colette. That is such a great idea! A picture is worth a thousand words...we bring pictures to our hairdressers, and they usually speak the same language! Your husband sounds wonderful! And I love the idea of having my South Africa friend doing a little shopping in France for me! XO Trish

La Brocanteuse said...

Hi Trish! thank you for your input and inspiring words. Oh it would be an honour to add trouvaille to my list for Trouvais!Colx