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May 29, 2010

New spaces..

About a year ago, we had new spaces to fill. After a lot of sleepless nights over what finishes, paint colours, and the endless decisions when you build or renovate as we did, one of the most exciting days is when you finally get to start moving in furniture....even when the empty spaces are not finished.

Main Bedroom-lounge area

Kitchen dining area


Kitchen- dining area
I planned to have everything in place by the time it came to spend the first night in our new abode. Of course it did not work out that way.
Pretty flowers on a mirror welcomed us...and we were HOME!

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d e l i g h t said...

Hello, I have been browsing thru your blog all day! It is lovely! Do you recall the pattern and manufacturer of the toile black/cream color fabric in the second photo from the top on the settee? I love it!