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Dec 22, 2013

a favorite destination: the Beach house

We will be right here for the next few weeks at the Beach house, a last minute change of plans.

this was the first object I ever bought for our beach house..a chiseled  reproduction of the Oath of Hippocrates
(found at a museum shop in Schiathos- Greece)
I always pick a olive branch  and tuck it behind the plaque- ALWAYS- when we arrive for a pause from life here..

We originally booked a 3 week trip to Argentina,some months ago when January was still way ahead.   Departure date:  3rd January 2014 -the closer it came to finalising last admin about house sitter, dog  hugging, walking, and packing travel bags instead of beach wear....we became more and more reluctant and not so eager to leave for so  far away.

A few days ago,I threw it out there..." What if we cancel the trip for now?- just go to the beach house like we have been doing every year? for many years...the other two looked at me, eyes lit up, and what a great thing when a family is in sinc about a (sort of )important question!

So we took the option of paying the airline cancellation fees  ( trusting another 1 or 3 people will be over the moon excited to have such short notice to travel to Bueonos Aires..and we have a full 12 months to use our tickets ( to same destination as originally booked)  JAY!
yes, of course the fact that our pooch ~ Yentl~ can now be with us,  weighed (very) heavy!

We will be spending the holidays looking at familiar views, walking known shores, feasting on catch from the sea and sitting down with our friends we have known forever..just a stroll away. No driving to much, impromptu summer entertaining and falling asleep to the sound of the sea. BLISS!

Perhaps we as a family are in need for a little quiet, some simple things, and that is a wonderful something to share... 
Dizzy with excitement ,Dd and myself came down to the beach house , a few days ago  to open all up, air the house that has not had fresh air since we left in January2013, after our last Christmas here..

 Of course we had plans to come back more over weekends. But 2013 became extremely busy, and we could never even take one weekend away from commitments to stop and pause here for a while.

The house is now open, aired,cleaned with the help of a little village team, and pantry stocked with fresh produce, we are pleased and thankful to have this really special place to come to..sorry house for neglecting you in 2013,we missed you and  WILL REALLY make more time in 2014.


With the need for simpler things, we put together a Christmas tree made out of collected moss branches, shells, star fish and a few glass balls filled with shells we picked up..some biscuits that probably  will not last long..if not eaten , sea air will soften them, but that is OK! We will add more shells and driftwood from daily walks ~there is so much beauty in nature.

opting for real advent candles 

we will spend Christmas eve back in Stellenbosch for a previous commitment to have Christmas dinner with friends,
  returning on 25th , spending time with our "other family" and remembering Marie, who we sadly had to say goodbye to in 2013..
Marie Woulidge, we will keep up the good work and do it just  like every other year...

Wishing you all a truly blessed Christmas 2013


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ann said...

Thanks for all the beautiful inspiring posts in 20013 and wishing you all the best for 2014 and another year of amazing posts!!!!

Burlap Luxe said...

Love your stay home for the holidays Col,
It's a beautiful beach home and the decor collecting what you gather from the beach is divine. That beach home is a home to love:)

Thank you for sharing your beauty.

A Joyeux Noël


The Blue Farmhouse said...

Sounds like wonderful way to spend this holiday season...Enjoy!

Merry Christmas My Friend....Hugs


noreen said...

beautiful images as always! Wishing you an enjoyable holiday with your family at your gorgeous beach house!

Nella Miller said...

Dear Colette, it was wonderful to catch up with you at the beach house....and yes, sometimes it is good to just stay put..our souls need it...our heart tells us...these images are so lovely...I am wishing you a beautiful, inspiring year ahead, N.xo