la Brocanteuse

Apr 15, 2013

Love Patina

These two chairs came out of storage  ~
 to be upholstered in old hemp and French linen 

SWARM portrait cushion

for the moment it is adding some wonderful  texture to the worn patina I so like..

It is this patched square of muslin mended by hand, that I find irresistible

I have to admit I am not quite ready to strip these chairs, once it is done, 
the original history is changed.There is mystery in the tattered old silk threads that makes me pause and wonder about who sat on them, what discussions and  stories played off in a era where time was made to do just that.

 Each roll of old hemp is a slightly  different texture,colour and feel, but I do not mind that at all, in fact I prefer it .

  in a room void of  colour other than that of
 old paper,gray, bone and black.

Do you have a room where you can play? 

this Orangery is it - 
it is my follie where every object is what I truly love and the one space I could live 
with complete  contentment  if I had to choose
 one area in this house to be summoned to do so..


suziqu's thread works said...

Oh my those chairs are so gorgeous - dare I say just the way they are in that amazing silk brocade (?). As you say once removed then so too the history!!!
Love your "play" room - the sun shining in on the stacks of books and beautiful book pages!

Divine Theatre said...

Wowee! Where do I begin! So much loveliness!



Karena said...

Gorgeous room for you to just be, Colette!

Art by Karena

Julie said...

Bonjour Colette
I love that old chair. It's beautiful as it but my brain is looking for what to do with it.(smile)
I am in Paris at the moment, driving down to Loire valley tomorrow.

Julie xxx

French said...

Love the chair; if only it could tell stories....but what I spied today is the glass cloche...I need several for this weekend's project!

mimi@ahouseromance said...

Your designs are always so beautiful. I look forward to every post!

Pura Vida said...

I love the crown in the chair..such a pretty photo

The Blue Farmhouse said...

All is beautiful Colette...I'm in awe of your talents and it feels good just to be acquainted with you! Good luck in your upcoming shows and everything that you pursue!


Burlap Luxe said...

Oh dear col,
How do i express to you the lové of the tattered and patched fabric on the chair and like you age is so hard to reproduce and the voice of the original speaks to me beautifully.

I too lové the softness of hues of greys, whites, naturals and the âge of fades blacks. I find my kitchen is a great room I create in, loving the calm of all things collected French brocante "not quite valued but, not quite worthless "
Your room inspires me to add to it with a sette or chair to relax and invite oneself to sit and take in all the inspiration that surrounds me.

Colette, you have a home filled with stories and history and I so wish I could sit and listen to what it wants to tell me. A home to love.

Thank you for visiting and encouraging what I so love about creating a brocante home.

See you soon.

Woodside Park said...

Dear Colette,
Your home is fabulous and filled with so much history, charm and patina! I love all your antiques and collections. Especially the textiles and old books.
Cheers from DC,

Leslie said...

Beautiful chairs.. the fabric is lovely. You've done an amazing job of bringing back these pieces.


Shel said...

Stunning! I could most definately spend time in that room too!
Lovely article of you in the Garden and Home..
Well done.