la Brocanteuse

Nov 13, 2012

breath in...and out...slowly

 The person who lives in a quiet house has plenty.....

seeking the quiet corners of our home after months of preparation,pushing forward to be ready for events that is booked back to back from August through to December 15th

 re-discovering textures, shapes and familiarity

 first offerings from my rose garden

 so content right now, even if the rush stopped for only one day..I could gather my thoughts and "see"

I wish you all.. a time to pause...

   Colette X

This beautiful printed cloth from a very special friend sums it up

I am on a journey...
with my work, my explorations
and a few sad stories
I travel with a suitcase full
of outrageous blessings
I am on a quest for truth,
beauty, and quiet joy
I am an artist, a writer
and explorer


The Blue Farmhouse said...

Hi Colette,
I like that first picture with looks like an angel sleeping...I like quiet and I always welcome a pause to breathe slowly. Always good to see what's going on in your beautiful world.


Pura Vida said...

Poetic. If I am ever lucky enough to be bored...I polish my silver and bask in the beautiful lovely silverness of it!

Divine Theatre said...

Did you see my Library post? I have my Edgar Allan Poe books in a small conservatory very much like yours!
It is so nice to see you when you pop out of your hectic life!



Dianne said...

Wonderful treasures with different textures and shapes and oh! I can almost smell the perfume from that glorious old rose and the fragrance of old books bound up in time.

"All Things French"

vicki archer said...

Collette... your images are absolutely gorgeous... the vignettes so charming... So many goodies to love... Have a great week... and enjoy the quiet.. when it comes... xv

La Dolfina said...

What a beautiful quote Colette!
So nice to have some downtime... Enjoy

Nella Miller said...

Thank you for bringing me back to this lovely post and quote, beautiful! I do believe you are at the top of your game, with lovely, lovely wares and your creativity abounds. Each visit is such a pleasure..I am off to visit your shop, N.xo

Violette said...

J'adore tes vieux livres! Tout comme toi, j'en mets partout dans mon intérieur.