la Brocanteuse

Sep 9, 2012

et blanc

Extremely excited about adding new elements 
to my
events coming up

et blanc

 The shipment of vintage French monogrammed linen 
and French Brocante finds, 
due to arrive in Afrique du Sud this week

I can hardly wait to share blanc

Will keep you posted
 as soon as unpacked on the long table
chances are good for a open day where trunks will be unveiled as promised
if your name is not on my address list yet, 
do so by emailing me at 

vintage French linen heaped on long table
 after 2011 arrival


Burlap Luxe said...

Oh Colette, only out of Africa would we see the beauty of your arrivals and beauty of et blanc :)

Photos of beauty here can not be measured, I will be keeping my watchful eye on what's next for you and all you will share with us. That table of linens is dreamy :)

Lots of inspiration for you week to follow.

Julie said...

Hi Colette.
How exciting to get all the goodies!!
I wish I were there to view them. (sigh~)

Happy unpacking!

Julie x

Woodside Park said...

Dear Colette -
Good luck with your shipment! Do share and post when you can. It must be like Christmas :)
Cheers from DC,
Loi said...

That pile of french monogrammed linen is sensational. Cant wait to see what the trunks will reveal. Have a lovely afternoon.

Linda said...

Hi Colette,
I cannot wait to see the beautiful linens and precious finds!
Let us know when you are ready.
Hugs. x

Sabina Pamphili said...

what a wonderful inspiration your photos are.....this is what I call the 'refined' art of living...sadly so few know really how to appreciate this particular way of life. Keep posting.