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Jul 31, 2012

Kitchen ~ Cuisine ~ Kombuis

Just random pics that never made it 
onto my blog before...

My kitchen..

 I collect wall vases and have used them in a connecting hallway from  the kitchen to the back

  odd little stems from the garden,  a walk outside, herbs, or flowers from vases that are still good but just not that fresh anymore, is put into a wall vase where it is left to dry before being replaced.
Cuttings from the garden is also put into water here to take root.

 first tomatoes of the season from the garden
 in a celebratory still life

this image by Henrique Wilding did make it 
into a local mag

 Our  kitchen is a gathering place for
meals, friends ,serious talks and even workshops..

here we are making origami t-light holders

paper mache - ostrich eggs for Easter display..

 busy busy busy....

Great working area for sorting 
and unpacking new stock

Wine tastings

paired with cooking classes

making chocolate monogrammes to decorate desert

truly as they say, the heart of a home


 So,  this post is just a little glimpse into  nothing important, yet important  and special to us...

 Just pics that can now go into my filing as "done"
It has been a while since my last post, and just wanted to let you know I'm still here, reading and appreciating your lovely comments and mails, it means allot to me...allot!

~ Colette ~


The Blue Farmhouse said...

Hello Colette
Love that kitchen! Wow...and of course you had to melt my heart wit those beautiful blue/white platters.:) Hope all is well.


Acquired Objects said...

I love your kitchen Colette! And I enjoyed seeing what you collect. I go through phases too but I'm trying hard not to collect any more stuff but I think I'm losing....;)Thank you for letting us see a little more of your home.


Tricia said...

Lovely post Colette and such fun to get a glimpse of your gorgeous kitchen and home.

Pura Vida said... glad they finally DID!! lovely photos!

Anonymous said...

Col...I love having a little glimpse into your is as beautiful as the Durban one!! You have exquisite us some about a home tour???

Sopa Azul said...

Congratulations, you have a dream kitchen!!!!!

Burlap Luxe said...

Colette, it does not get any better then this. So euro-chic!
I am falling in love with your kitchen and that long planked table is divine. This is a kitchen that gathers the joy of company and great EATS :)

The subway tile..Gasp! swooning! and a beautiful sigh as to I wish your kitchen were mine...Hmmm! yours or Paulines ? well I will take one or the other both are so inspiring for similar reasons but different in other ways.

I want and wish I were sitting at that table creating those eggs, or a cooking event :)
If only dreams come true!

See you my beautiful South Africa Friend.

Thank you for sharing I will return this late night to take it all in again, so as to embed it in my head, taking in all you inspire.


PS. I am working On Christmas items for my etsy! wishing it were not to soon to get onto a post about my latest sewing projects. If not now it may get to late in the months to market the google sales of product. I will let you in on it through email!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Colette, your kitchen is amazing and you have such gorgeous collections to fill your home. Great dining table.

Carole said...

Oh my this maybe the most beautiful kitchen I have ever seen. It's nice to see that it is really used so many are just for show. Wish I could be one of the lucky ones at your table.

Carole said...

pure gorgeousness. Your table must know lots of secrets, all those workshops, dinners and unpacking. Wonderful pictures of a real kitchen, not a showpiece.

Nella Miller said...

Dear Colette, peeking out from the chaos here, to find always a delightful and heartwarming post with you! Yes, your little bits and bobs that you have gathered for us to see are clear glimpses are who you are....energetic and warm and giving, it seems to me! Your kitchen clearly is the heart of the is beautiful....N.xo

The Old Elf said...

I joined your blog a few months ago, but I suffer from chronic major depression and sometimes I forget about blogs I've "saved" to my Internet favorites...early this morning (haven't been to bed yet - another symtom of my depression) and I saw you on my blog list. So glad I did and so glad I found this post about your "Once in a life time dream kitchen"! Thank you for sharing all the miscellaneous photographs of your kitchen and your beautiful collections. I live in California and it is so wonderful to be able to say hello to someone like you in South Africa. Thank you for sharing your home.