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Mar 23, 2012

So long Bunny...

 Easter weekend and Dd's birthday
 has all ways been perfect in sinc...
give or take a few days

 Through the years the style of the cakes varied from  a huge white one with bunny and eggs, a pink pony with matching pink  pinata , a pale blue fairy castle , Strawberry Shortcake with pink and red polka dots, and  a two metre high stand with cupcakes enough to feed our entire village... her eighth   birthday was celebrated with Alice in Wonder land high  tea with a french twist incorporating a minature Eiffel tower...and of course THE Hare 
(influenced by Galleries Lafayette's over the top  window display )
what we do for our darlings..happy sigh

  but thus far as said, 
bithdays has  always been  combined 
with the traditional Easter hunt

 Eggs of all sizes and shapes landed in between garden beds, under pansies, on the swing seat
 and amongst topiaries..
I think father makes a secret pack with his Dd..
and the hairy hounds continue to discover shiny wrapped eggs weeks later.

These combined celebrations  was a breeze with enough  eggs and bunnies to keep children and adults hyper ..
stories to be told and little more was expected.

Organising activities:  easy and plenty to choose from

 One bunny that hopped over the wall in 2004 grew to a family that came back without fail every year 
for the juicy carrots left out early on the morning of the hunt...

I have reason to believe D'd first words
  that she could read was:
"Hopped this way"

the same baskets every year,
easy to be held by little hands this year may  not  be so easy to stick to the trusted plan.  Easter on the 2012 calendar is celebrated earlier than  usual which changes our traditional Easter hunt combined with
 birthday celebrations..
and after almost 9 yrs..
 I sense the bunny has moved
on to other pastures

and the little girl is growing up...

This weekend we shall sit down 
and do some serious planning...
and by the sound of it, the birthday may actually be starting to become a lot less "stuff"..
That's good...
so how hard can it be to entertain 10 little girls  for a sleep over party?...
this time  influenced by Princess Diaries..oh dear



Tricia said...

Oh my, a sleepover with 10 girls.... Ha!;)
Happy planning and please share the final details with us.

French said...

Love the photos...I also cater to the bunnies in our garden....and a sleepover for ten sounds like tons of fun~~

Sharon Lee Johnson said...

These are the sweetest pictures! My twins birthday is on the 9th April so we have also often combined it with Easter. This year, however, they have told me that they want 2 seperate parties and now that they are turning 10 they think it needs to be more "manly" like maybe war games! We too have reached the end of an era! Have a lovely weekend x Sharon

Fleaing France & French Shopping Tours said...

Oh how I miss having lots of giggling little girls in the house. We always ended up being sleep over headquarters and I remember the squeals, giggles and constant chatter!
Enjoy it while it lasts!!!!!
Greetings from the brocantes of France.

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Colette:
Oh how we love the idea of an Easter egg hunt although we are far less happy about the bunny hop, especially as it involves real live bunnies!!! In our gardening days, they were the source of all problems and we have never warmed to them since.

As for having ten small girls sleeping at the house...well, you are a saint. That would truly be the stuff of nightmares for us.

Still, we wish your daughter a most happy birthday and many, many happy returns.

The French Hutch said...

This is just the sweetest post. Thanks for sharing.

The French Hutch

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said... is sad when traditions fall by the wayside, whether it be intentional or not...the pictures are gorgeous..I do not think anything is more beautiful than little girls in flowing white dresses amongst beautiful flowers...those packages are magnificent!..I am very excited every time I see your post in my email.....Have a wonderful party with the "princesses"

Burlap Luxe said...

Hi Colette,
I so want to attend your Easter Egg hunt :)

Love all you inspire with spring, Easter, and sleep over parties :)

see you soon my friend.
Happy Spring

Acquired Objects said...

OMG ten little girls? Get out the ear plugs is all I can say. How much fun though and it looks like you've made each birthday a true celebration. Happy Birthday to your Dd!


Anonymous said...

Oh Collette
you are a brave, brave woman my friend!!I fear a glass of something strong may be in order...and a very good night's sleep the day all sounds like a lot of fun though and such important memories to create...I do hope we will get to see some of the fun in a post!

Nella Miller said...

Collette, what a sweet, yet wistful post...the lovely packages, and Easter decor, so charming.....time marches on, and little girls always demand so much more attention than boys, it seems! Wishing you a most happy Spring and Easter season! N.xo

Unknown said...

Colette! We don´t have the same tradition here i Sweden. We don´t place eggs outside to be found for tyhe little ones. We have winter until May in the northen parts.
I like the pictures though and they are sweet in colours and atmosphere.
Spring is soon here!!!

Mélanie A. said...

Love your pics. I'm sure you are going to plan the best birhtday party she could dream of.