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Nov 7, 2010

My Brocante

Hello my dear friends
I'm back! It has been a whirlwind of getting ready, unpacking, setting up for my Brocante Event at Lourensford Wine Estate. The venue was gasping beautiful and it was a pleasure arriving there early every morning .

Driving through historical vineyards and surrounded by the majestic HottentotsHolland mountains, was the perfect start to each day.

It was a  privilege to be part of KAMERSVOL 2010. I am happy to say that the event was a huge success and we had 14 100 visitors through the gates, (not counting the under 18 year olds as they were given free entrance)

Setting up was both exciting and daunting... We had 3 days to set up. I started with the funiture and larger pieces, leaving the smalls and prized 
 monogrammed linen for  the last day
The  opening night for 700 invited guests was major hard work and set the tone for the days to follow. 

 the first furniture item to sell...
two of these over sized Belgian chairs
 upholstered with original German grain bags.

on the last day before opening night, every one pitched in to help ..
DD helped other vendors unpack their goods since mine was "old news" and her nanny - Melody- got stuck into pricing some smalls...we hand sewn some hearts from vintage linen and added  old laundry monograms and little religious medals -nothing went to waste.

Twine rolls on old wood batons..

   Rolls of Jut stamped with "Paris"...sold out quickly

 The selected French monogrammed linen was a best seller..I added daily and was almost sold out.

religious statues and globes  added some surprising  interest - I am happy about this since there are around 40 more globes waiting to be unpacked this week...

 French flags lined the one side of my stand-

..upholstered a French Bergere in pale aubergine velvet found in Paris...I could have sold this chair over and over...I am happy that a friend got this since I will get to see it often

I thank all for letting me be...

 The visitors who drove all the way from allover, to come and visit  me a second time, and even a third time, was  acknowledgment that they loved what I love..the old , the vintage, the memories that I brought back from the French countryside... Thank you for loving what I love!

this young designer  fell in love with this French lace cloth- she was thinking about making it into a wedding dress

 Some of these old French La Poste cushions are on their way to America- yes we had visitors from allover the globe. Another has gone to England.

I do apologize to all  those visitors who I did not have time to chat .
Please  feel free to mail me a

should you have any questions or queries.

Apart from the pre-event pictures taken by DD,
it is hard to believe that I did not have time to take any who always try and hold on to memories by capturing the moment..there was NO TIME!! as fast as goods sold, I added more stock so the vignettes was ever changing. most of the images I share here were found on the web taken by different visitors..thank you all!

at Sue Langerman's  booth stocked with vintage jewelery and smalls, DD fell in love with this 1950's knee length  wedding dress , complete with no less then six layers of petticoats..

my most precious memory

thank you all for the encouraging  support,
 it is the beginning of a lot more!

and thank you for endless cups of latte 
delivered  by these lovely ladies to keep me going

have a lovely week

had the best "brocante neighbours"
I could wish for..


Burlap Luxe said...

It should be against the law to be surround by so much beauty :)
What an event, I so wish I could have been there.

How did you fair with your pillows and tags! I love your creative fine works of decorating art, they are pieces to love.

I too paint "Brocante... signs" Those precious flea market gems not quite valuable, not quite worthless that take our breath away!

See you soon girl!
Take pictures next time :) these ones turned out just fine :)

Mona Thompson said...


Everything looks so lovely. I know it had to be a smashing success and now you are undoubtedly exhausted. Preparing, setting up, selling and tearing it all down and packing it up is the hardest of work. We did a few shows early on and decided it just wasn't for us.

my hat is off to you. Hope you get a little time for yourself this week. Congratulations on a job well done! Mona

Dianne said...

Bonjour Colette~ how wonderful to hear about your adventure in such a beautiful location. That velvet chair is absolutley divine, definitely la creme~de~la~creme!! and the gorgeous lace oh la la!! You certainly deserve a rest . Well Done & I'm so please it was a success ~ that makes it worth the effort.

Acquired Objects said...

Colette, you need to open an online shop please! I would have purchased several items you've shown here, especially that burlap covered sette almost hidden in your linen picture. I'm glad you had a wondered week and DD looks cute twirling in her dress!


Anonymous said...

YES open an on-line shop!
I can buy all I see in your pictures, simply AMAZING!
I love the violet armchair!
Bisou, Babi

Trouvais said...

I am so glad you started blogging Colette! You are incredible! Wish I could have been many gorgeous items, such creativity. And I adore that photo of your daughter twirling at the end. Can't wait till you open your online shop. XO Trish

itsrainingcake said...

Lovely pictures and such beautiful items!

Mélanie A. said...

Wonderful items. Thank you for sharing these beaautiful moments with us. Love the photo of your daughter, she is such a princess

Ann at PlumSiena and Rose et Lis said...

Hi Colette,
I just discovered your beautiful blog! Boy, did that sale look fabulous! Your items were simply exquisite.

I'll be back often.


chateaudelille said...

Your post inspires me to maybe do the same. Glad you did so well. Sounds like a dreamy location.

French said...

What fun!! Glad it was a fantastic day~

Kameel huise tussen spore said...

Can only adore everything. Living in the platteland and missing out on your beautiful goodies.
Enjoy every moment of it. G R E E N

Kathy said...

I have definitely enjoyed my stroll through your blog - you do find the most amazing things - surely touching this girl's heart!

summersoul said...

What beautiful images! I actually gasped at a few of them. You have a wonderful eye and style. The one of your daughter in the gown is priceless. I have just found your blog and am adding to my bloglist.

enjoy your day