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Apr 26, 2011

Carte Postale ~France

Returning after a visit to anywhere in the world..

What can you bring back in hand luggage
 that will give you hours of pleasure
for years to come..

 on a rainy day in France
we visited a indoor market
I was attracted to the tables with post card albums

I selected  what caught my eye on first sight

all used and sent from
 lovers,mothers, fathers,children,Aunt's and friends remembering their loved one's 

there were many occasions that would be reason
 one would send these beautiful adorned 
and mostly hand embellished joy

Bonne et heureuse annee
Muguet Porte Bonheur
Bonne Fete
Bonne Annees
and countless more...

it is raining here today,
 and looking at my Carte Postale,
 I remember that day I found them



Unknown said...

Hi Collette
what a beautiful find for you I love those old cards and the elegant pen and ink writing I have many from the first world war via my grand parents I love the forgetmenots and lily of the valley especially its lovely to see your collection they are precious fay xx

Jacqui said...

Those postcards are stunning, they also tell a story which is beautiful also. Love the pics as usual!!

Just Verte said...

Leaving today for France, a week in Provence and a week in Paris. I'll look for old postcards while there. If I'm fortunate, I'll find some like the ones you posted which are wonderful!

Au revoir until two weeks hence!


Dianne said...

Just beautiful cards Colette! and what a lovely thing to be doing on a cold and wet day - I'm sure each card has a story.

Acquired Objects said...

Always buy what yu love and the rest will follow right? Love the cards with the lily-of-the-valley and can't wait for ours to bloom. Have a lovely week Colette.

Deborah said...

Sublime - all those stories from long ago! And gorgeous photos as always. Really enjoyed your post about your French trip too.


Sublime - all those stories from long ago!
I love those old cards , they are really beautiful.

I'm sure each card has a story and i wish to know them, but it will be impossible.

Have a lovely week.

Suz said...

Beautiful images. Enjoyed seeing them.

Sharon Lee Johnson said...

What a lovely collection and each with their own beautiful illustration and story to tell. I'm really enjoying this cooler weather as, I'm sure, are you! Have a lovely day. x Sharon

sharon santoni at my french country home said...

These cards are beautiful Colette, souvenirs of a place and an era. Thank you for the photos of your grain sack chairs, I added them to my post


Hi, Colette! Thank you for your kind comment:))

I love tour beautiful post cards!!! Just stunning!

Have a happy week!


Curtains in My Tree said...

They are all beautiful and how fun to find them

and what a great place to shop for them

Blooming Rose Musings said...

Colette, what a beautiful card collection. I adore anything with flowers...especially violets.
I hope you are having a wonderful week. XO