la Brocanteuse

Mar 4, 2011


I like to collect.

stack the same together...

pile them up..

organize to have on hand

 group colors...

  I use and share them all!
all the above is found in my kitchen,
 truly the heart of our home.

have a lovely weekend!

images 1-5 by Henrique Wilding (my kitchen)
other images by labrocanteuse ( my kitchen)

17 comments: said...

lOVE your fabulous collections:) You did such a great job displaying them. Have a great weekend:)
~Debra xxx
capers of the vintage vixens

Anonymous said...

Wow! What beautiful collections you have ... The plate wall is AMAZINGly beautiful!
I don't know if you've shown your kitchen before but I would love to see it.
You have such divine taste, I could look at your pictures over and over again ~

Have a wonderful day ~
sarah xo

Divine Theatre said...

Such lovely vignettes, Colette! The tea towels under the dome is a very clever idea!
I truly love your style!

Have a great weekend!


Deborah said...

And Wow again - what a fabulous cuisine! Love the plates in the dresser racks.

Splenderosa said...

Oh, I LOVE it! Especially the plates. All of it looks so comfortably beckoning. What a wonderful kitchen you have. xx's

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Very nice! I would enjoy visiting you for sure.~Cheers Kim

Acquired Objects said...

Colette you have the best style around, that's really from your kitchen? WOW! My dish towels never looked that good.

lvroftiques said...

Great collections Colette! And I love the way you have them grouped! Vanna

Mélanie A. said...

Love your collections


I like your fabulous collections!!

And what a fabulous cuisine! i love the plates in the dresser racks.They are my favourites.
Have a nice week-end

designchic said...

How stunning...adore the plate rack!! Hope your weekend is great ~

Sharon Lee Johnson said...

Your collections are amazing. I am also a collector so can relate. I love the pile of tea towels under the cloche. And your French linens. Have a lovely weekend. x

Fay said...

Bonjour Colette I have some of the same addictions Love your T towls, books and cutlery they are so beautiful arent they
havent quite got the space for the domes !! fabulous nbut i would if I could !! grazie tanti fay xx

Simple Home said...

What beautiful collections. I think everyone in blogland would love to find some of those linens :-)
Have a wonderful weekend!

Jacqui said...

Fabulous post! Love the teatowels under the cloche. You are making me homesick here in chilly England!!

Mona Thompson said...

We're kindred spirits. Love the collection of plates. Great post. Mona

Burlap Luxe said...

Lady "C"
who has major Brocante over here has me always in short of breath.

The true honor is when you come to visit me my dear. I became your follower because your site speaks to me at the very depths of my soul.

I would love to shop and create with you, yet the interenet is as close as we will get anytime soon :)

I dream of your life in the South of Africa...I have a girlfriend who lives out of state and at nights when we can't sleep and feel like inspiring our lates, we will even get on and look at what you are up to, of course we drool and scream over the beauty...Beauty with history, no reproductions of any popular sorts do we see pop out at us, and if there are some they blend in with what history of all things chic with age.

See you soon beautiful soul.

Oh Ps. I love the layers of plates in the plate rack, "Divine" with the best of show.