la Brocanteuse

Mar 15, 2011

To find French linen..

I need to fill my armoirs again..

so we  need to do Brocantes, vide greniers
village markets and visit  private dealers
 who source and supply  me.

visit little villages

through narrow roads

 Halt for lunch..
because in France everyone stops whatever they do..for dejeuner

admire the  beautiful French architecture

windows adorned  with dentelle

I simply cannot get enough 
of the old windows and doors, 
 the stone walls and overgrown gardens 

This will be the view when we wake up..
The Loire river right outside our window

 I can take my morning coffee, walk out the door, and sit here on the banks to start the day...

Hard to believe
 it is already 9 months since we were here last

View from outdoor cave towards back of Maison

This will be our backyard..
at our dear friend's  Maison in the Loire Valley.
 We are so looking forward to stay here again
 while they are living their dream
 on their farm in the Dordogne
where they spend their summers..

DD -2005, blowing bubbles on the step
through to the kitchen
(Loire Maison)

Up the road to the village..

I will walk past this door every morning 
on my way to the boulangerie
door to a cave-turned into a home, 
one of many in this area

When the clock strikes 6 next Sunday the 27th 
we will be off to France
to find what we need to fill the armoirs
and share at my brocante events


 all images in this post was taken
on our previous trip here
May/June 2010


Jacqui said...

I want to go there, I really do!!!!

S xx said...

Ooh lucky you...

We've not been there since September but I just booked for a month in the summer a few days ago so I'm excited.

Already dreaming of all the brocante and vide greniers we will visit - aah HEAVEN!

Have fun on your trip and I hope you fill those armoires up.

Sacha xx

la fourchette said...

Oh! We have so many of the same favorites: windows, doors, stone walls and linens! I adore the lovely French linens. I made a very lucky find at a Brocante fair here: six really beautiful damask towels embroidered "L"! wooohooo!

Fill your armoires with linens and your digital photo card with images! We'll be waiting to see what you return with.

Sending you all good wishes for a wonderful trip.

Deborah said...

Wonderful tour in photos, Colette! I love your eye for the crumbly doorways and overgrown corners. Went to my first brocante of the year in St Remy de Provence the Sunday before last - blue skies, lunch outside in a cafe on the square, scent of lavender from the vendor a few paces away...

Gina said...

Dear Colette, Your photographs are spectacular! Your eye manages to capture the essence of the place. Looking forward to seeing this years' pictures.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Your photos are divine and each one shows just why I love that countryside so! Safe travels and buy, buy, buy!



Ooh lucky you...

i had not been there never, but i would like to go there some days.

your post is really beautifull, as allways.

thanks for all

Sharon Lee Johnson said...

I am bright green with envy. These pictures are so beautiful! I will just sit and gaze at them and think of you experiencing the real thing! Have a wonderful trip and I hope you bring back some treasures. x Sharon

lvroftiques said...

Beautiful pictures Colette. And what a lovely place to stay! Have a wonderful trip and happy shopping! Vanna

sharon santoni at my french country home said...

Bon voyage dear Colette, I hope you come home again happy and with a lot of linen in your baggage!! Your pictures are very pretty and so typical.

LENE said...

It would be beautiful to have this around every day - the pictures are absolutely gorgeous!
I have received two awards from Charlotta in Sidney, which I would like to pass on to you. Hope you will accept them.
You can find them at this address:
Have a nice evening!

Fabulously French said...

Happy shopping Colette, hope that you find lots of lovely tresors.

Leeann x

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.
Thank you.

La Dolfina said...

I can feel your anticipation.
It was so relaxing to read this post.
Have a wonderful trip dear Colette, you deserve it... and may you find lots of precious treasures!

chateaudelille said...

You lucky duck. Wish my clock was happening too. Enjoy! Fiona

Blooming Rose Musings said...

Colette, your pictures are exquisite and what a lovely place to stay. Have a wonderful trip and I look forward to seeing the treasures you find. Bon Voyage.

Mélanie A. said...

Have a wonderful time in France .
If one day, you come to the south of France, I will be pleased to be your guide

Dianne said...

Oh! this is absolutely divine Colette - enjoy your trip and keep safe xx

Book said...

Nice post with excellent pictures.

under spanish moss said...

How exciting!!!Just discoverd your blog and love your latest post. Makes us want to hop on a plane. What wonderful pictures. Enjoy your trip.

Best Regards,
Angela and Renee