la Brocanteuse

Feb 20, 2011


For a previous birthday, friends gave me five beautiful    old moss covered cement urns
for my garden..
each urn came with a special wish:
 it included  Blessings, Love, Joy, and Good health 

I enjoy changing the plants in them
 as the seasons change...
these below was last winter, 
potted lilies
on a private roof garden  off our bedroom

Sunset earlier tonight....
I do love this time of the year,
 perfect summer evenings...
hard to imagine that our first winter rain is expected in about  six weeks 
 the huge old oak trees will once again have 
bare branches like in the previous image..

Have a lovely week

with every change of season,every change of plants,
 I smile happy and content to think of my dear friends and this special thoughtful  gift.

Potted Arum Lilies


bikim said...

wow! not only the vase is gorgeous, but you also have a beautiful table and chairs!!! and... that sunset!!!!!!!!!!!!
happy sunday!

Acquired Objects said...

Wow Colette great urns, you have very thoughtful friends! Don't you just love secret gardens? Yours look amazing!

Sharon Lee Johnson said...

What a lovely gift! And those Arums look amazing - I haven't seen them in that pinkish colour before. x

Divine Theatre said...

You have very thoughtful friends...I am certain it is reciprocated!

lvroftiques said...

Awwww what lovely gifts! And they obviously know what you like because those urns are perfectly you. Vanna

Dianne said...

Your urns are so very lovely Colette - and those pretty chairs with the heart backs simply divine. I can imagine you setting it up for an evening dinner party.
Have a lovely week.

bikim said...

sleep well

@nne said...

On a rainy winter day, you bring sunshine in our European homes. Happy to discover your blog! @nne

Blooming Rose Musings said...

What lovely gifts your friends have given you. The urns are beautiful. Your garden is wonderful and the sunset is perfect. Enjoy the evening.