la Brocanteuse

Nov 30, 2010

So long...

I really did not want to  have to do this
but for reasons beyond my control

I may just post a image now and then from my Christmas files...
I have to take some time off from blog land..
maybe just for a short while - I hope -
if for longer than I want to....
please don't forget me
I will be back.
I am still planning my online shop
and a trip to the French countryside to find more trouvaille
for now~
I need to go back to hospital
more tests to be done
and more decorating the room!..
I need to heal.
much love

ps: but of course, internet connection, laptop and BB packed


Gina said...

Dear Colette, My thoughts and prayers are with you.

desde my ventana said...

Dear Colette,
My better desires of health and well-being for you.
Big hugs,

sharon santoni at my french country home said...

Dear Colette

I'm so sorry you have to go back into hospital, I hope they manage to get you well for Christmas.

make sure you get a room with an internet connection so we can send you messages!!

Be thinking of you

Acquired Objects said...

I wish you well Colette and wish you speedy recovery in time for the holidays. Don't you worry we'll be right here waiting for your return! Godspeed!

VS said...

I wish you good health friend & know...we are all still here wishing you the best & waiting for your return!
Big HUgs,

La Dolfina said...

Dear Colette,
I wish you renewed health for Christmas.
Please take the proper amount of time to fully heal.
Eliminate all pressure, stress and anxiety and think happy healing thoughts!
We all be here when you are fully restored.
So much love and prayers go out to you sweet friend!
Remember... Health is Wealth!
God Bless

Notes From ABroad said...

I will keep you in my thoughts and wish only good health and happy holidays for you.

Burlap Luxe said...

Dearest Colette,
Time will never erase the beauty you offer us. Take all the time you need girl. We are coming together in prayer for you. We will wait to hear how you are doing, and only great news will count on!

See you soon beautiful soul

Dianne said...

Bonjour Colette ~ I will miss your posts but your health & well-being are more important. You will be much in my thoughts & I trust you enjoy a lovely Christmas time.
Take Care

Anonymous said...

So nice. White... just to fit X-Mas..
Have a nice day

Anonymous said...

Take care of you.

renilde said...

Colette,I hope and wish for you to get well soon, you won't be forgotten, take good care,love, Renilde

Anonymous said...

Take the time you need... but know that we are thinking of you and hoping for the best for you.

I'm looking forward to the time when this is the past and the future you are looking toward is your present.


Blooming Rose Musings said...

My Dear Colette-I am so sorry to hear you have to return to the hospital. Please get all the rest you need and take the time to heal. You will be in our thoughts and prayers and we will all be here when you are able to return. God bless you and take good care of yourself. We all send our love to you.

Una oveja en las nubes said...

Querida Colette, hoy he conocido tu blog y te felicito por tu magnífico trabajo. Ya sé que estás en el hospital, te deseo una rápida recuperación. Cuenta con mis oraciones. Ha sido un placer visitarte, prometo volver. Un fuerte abrazo.
The English Company blog

Virginia said...

I just found your blog from Genie's . I hope that you are home and healing. Your blog is lovely. This photo is so touching and so beautiful. I want to just sit and gaze for a while.
All the best,