la Brocanteuse

Oct 14, 2010

Sunrise in Paris

Mr la Brocanteuse  woke up in this most beautiful city this morning..
I envy him VERY much.
 It is all I can think about...the views, the sounds, the smells, ......

but of course I am thinking about 
the Brocantes and Puces as well....

At least I have the hound (s)

DD with Yentl..
the youngest of the afghans in our household.
Yentl is wearing one of DD's t-shirts..
(we are nursing a broken leg and it helps to keep  pup from licking the wounds.)

 The Apartment Mr LB is staying for the next week and a bit, is walking distance to BHV- yes he has a list to point fingers at...
I know he is  having breakfast right this minute at one of our favorite little cafe's on his way there... there is no classy way of putting it..
I am VERY jealous!

 Mr LB did promiss not to break the ritual of having Marie Antoinette tea the day before departure back to South Africa, since we have been doing that for years...

 ... it is not on the list, but maybe he will read this post and see how we miss PARIS ~ him of course
and remember to  fill a box with something that can travel well in hand luggage...


Mr LB is attending Sial- 
Paris, capitale mondiale de la gastronomie

 Sunrise in Africa

breakfast in Botswana~Africa
(on a previous trip)


Anonymous said...

Dear Colette,
I know very well the Marché au Puces you picture now! Is one of my favorite in Paris!
I miss Paris too...
Bisou, Babi

La Dolfina said...

I love this post! You two look like you've taken many lovely sojourns to Paris together. How romantic and how many wonderful memories you have!
I love your hounds and that photo of Yentil and your daughter is wonderful.
Your life is really special and you are all very blessed. I'm sure you know that :)

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Well, you had me with that first photo and then it just kept coming. Dawn in Paris is exceptional as is everything in Paris, actually! I am sure that Mr LB is missing you as well and will probably bring treats home.


Acquired Objects said...

I am very jealous of Mr. LB too! But I'm sure he's missing you, DD and the pups as well. But what a place to be lonely in huh? What I wouldn't give to be squeezing through the narrow passages of Puces. I hope Yentl's leg heals quickly.

A Perfect Gray said...

beautiful sunrise. so envious of him....

Dianne said...

Sunrise over La Seine is magical~ I'm sure Mr LB will bring home a treat for you & many beautiful stories.

chateaudelille said...

Is that for real? That elephant would have been a bit scarey wouldnt it? Wish I was in Paris now. Dont know how you can survive not being there with hubby. Id be so jealous. Fiona

Blooming Rose Musings said...

I think we are all a bit jealous of Mr LB! Sunrise and Sunset in Paris...and everything in enchanting. What beautiful memories you have created. Your life is very magical and you are very blessed. Wonderful post!

La Brocanteuse said...

Hello dear loyal readers, thank you very much for your kind and much appreciated comments. Yes I feel blessed to share my passion for old and lovely....and yes I know Mr Lb misses us to..thank goodness for techno era!
Fiona- the elephant is very much for real- will do a post on some Botswana experience..we try and do a safari every three years or so..Mr Lb needs that fix like I need my French fix..! XO Colette

designchic said...

Beautiful images!! I know how you feel - I'm a little jealous too! Hoping his hand luggage is full of treats for you...

Notes From ABroad said...

Oh God to wake up to that sight !!
although, I never thought I would say this but if an Elephant was outside in the morning, having breakfast, I think I would love that !

desde my ventana said...

What a beautiful images!! Colette, I would like to be there.....

sharon santoni at my french country home said...

You describe it all so well I'm wondering if you didn't sneak into Monsieur's suitcase. What a shame you couldn't tag along for this trip, all the things you could have done while he is at SIAL all day!

Ticking and Toile said...

Hi Colette,
Thanks so much for commenting on my post! I am so in love with your friends home (as is everyone else who's seen it!!) I saved it only with "2die4kitchen" ha ha! She has a fabulous style. Does she live in Africa too?

Love all the pictures of Paris. Our 2nd eldest daughter served a 2 year mission there & didn't want to come home!! :)

Love the Afghan. Are they wonderful pets? I've heard they are.

Take care!

Anonymous said...

so happy to see something from SA as African of the most beautiful sunrises in the world one can African one...
R xx

Mélanie A. said...

Why didn't you go with him ?
My best friend is at SIAL ,too .

La Brocanteuse said...

Hello Melanie, It is the first SIAL I am missing in 16 years!..I would have run out of time with preparation for my Brocante event as we start setting up this weekend. xo Colette

Burlap Luxe said...

Amazing photo's but would they be anything less then coming from you!

I had a wonderful hyper busy afghans hound until he mellowed, for some reason When I got him I was a child care sitter for a couple who bread them and they gave me one due to my caring for there 2 children and there hounds. I named mine Omar.

Thank you for reminding me now of my Omar who passed on many years ago!

I also announced to Shellagh at ticking and toile that I knew who the kitchen belonged to. I too was one writting you on letting me visit :) so I could take it all in, in person!

Loving your passion, your spirit, and soulful living over here!

Burlap Luxe said...

Ooooh! I did the home child care when I was 17-18 years old was that a beautiful Papered gift of a afghan hound given to someone! I was just so in love with his little spirit and boy could they run :)

Now my young daughter that I featured in my post with the created art I did a year ago, has a love for her Grey hound, Bar-neb Barneb was my grand fathers race horse's name, Hannah felt the dogs love to run and fast so what better name. An adoption! from hemopet! :)

Keep us posted with your beautiful spirit!


La Brocanteuse said...

Hello Dora,
thank you very much for your lovely comments and MUCH APPRECIATED that you mentioned on Ticking and Toile that this was my post..I was very surprised that after giving permission on her request to use some of the pictures, she still did not give any credit on her blog to where Pauline's White house could be found. It hurts a little bit..since I really put a lot of effort into that post as well as getting permission to use it since these were images I took for a magazine shoot.
any way , now I know to add my name in the future to images..which I don't like to do because it can be cropped off as well...
We adore our afghans and have always had at least two since our first love affair with this species began 30 years ago!
have a lovely week
Colette xx

Burlap Luxe said...

Not to worry dear one, your featured beauty and your photography does not go un-noticed by oh so many of us. The beauty and life journey you place on or hearts is reward in visting you!

I have friends who do not blog who I have sent your post to tem and so many tell me that they would give up everything to own and live in her home :)

I know your home is fabulous as well, but your beauty in bringing your friends home to your posting for us to enjoy was soulful of you, and we thank you for it.

Thank you dear soulful friend for being who you are :)

Thank you for inspiring all things euro chic!

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

Oh Colette, I want to be there, as I know you do too. I know your husband missed you terribly. XO Mona