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Jan 14, 2014

in Print: Lééf, and almost ready!

THANK YOU  Lééf magazine for sharing my love for French finds in a 4 page interview
"my lewe in 'n plakboek"
Now available in shops in South Africa and also to online subscribers
as from today 14 January 2014

here are some snippets of the article…..

I will share the full pages later 

***** **********

Stacks of French linen everywhere..

linge, chanvre, drap, torchons 
serviettes,original bobbins with lace, monograms,
French Brocante finds….
all ready to be shared.


there is a space in the making,
l'atelier Colette should have been ready by now, and I would have loved to have been able to reveal it to you at the same time as around now that the Lééf interview and article is published
but, building, how ever small, never  hardly ever goes according to planned!


Up to now, I shared my French finds at open days, Vintage markets and here at home…but the time has come to stack all together in one place…l'atelier Colette, my work place,  is expanding and although just a petit studio next to my office..  all will be together…just like the little room I found at the back of a Brocante in the Dordogne, years ago. Stacked with linens, it sparked a dream…to one day share that excitement : to be able to open the doors to a room stacked high with my passion,old French linens and textiles…
 you will be entering my dream.



SO looking forward to opening  these doors for you!
(we are now working on the finishing touches before moving in..)
I will keep you informed here on La Brocanteuse blog as well as on FB page ~ see link to register at top of the page.

thank you to every one supporting me and sharing in my love for all things French, but most of all,waiting patiently for l'atelier Colette  to  offer those fabulous precious of all..sourced and found in the French country side..original French linens and the stories that come with them…
et bientôt

 PS ~the article  on Nina Hartman's book as promised will be published in next post. ( due to technical restrictions  while away  on vacation, it  had to stand over- my apologies. 


noreen said...

gorgeous pictures of exquisite French finds. Wishing you all the best with L'Atelier Colette!

Splenderosa said...

Somehow it always takes longer to get it perfect, which is what you are doing, I know. Big huge congratulations on the article, Colette. This is HUGE! Sending love from Houston...

Pura Vida said...

your stacks of linens are so pretty

Burlap Luxe said...

Oh, oh! Oh!
Colette, you are so beautifully refine, and your beauty and grace overwhelm us with your passion for French linens.
Oh, to sit amongst your wealth of knowledge and take in the beauty of feeling as if we were taken back in time when living a rustic life was what it was.
My little chest drawer filled with a few linen pieces charm me, but to be in your dainty shoes how that must feel one could only imagine

Thank you sweet beauty, for taking the time to think of me, (wire art) I will enjoy her link and make a new wire friend with her art.

I will be sharing my art in wire and rustic home charm on my new post later today!

Come visit later to see what I have created with wire.


Doré .

Burlap Luxe said...

Ps. The feature is beautiful, and so beautifully rustic.
Will look forward to seeing more.


The Blue Farmhouse said...

Well I'm not sure at what I stared at most...your stunning picture or linens? Both are equally as beautiful! Anyway...congratulations Colette and I can't wait to read and see more. Also I tried going on Amazon to get book Vintage by Nina but not available in English. If I can get from you what do I need to do?


Nella Miller said...

Dear Colette, Sourcing, finding and purveying French linens and antiques is a dream for anyone, but you do it so well...I hear and sense your love of these beauties in your words and images when you present them here in your lovely blog...Atelier Colette is the realization of a dream come true...sending you my dearest and heartfelt best wishes....N.xoxo

French Kissed said...

I think I could sit and look at your beautifully tied and stacked linens all day long...both you and these lovingly curated textiles are certainly worthy of this magazine's attention. Congratulations on this feature and on the eve of your shop's opening...just know it will be fabulous! Wishing you even more success and joy through out the New Year.
xo Jermaine

Sharon Lee Johnson said...

This is all so exciting for you, Colette! I hope you and your family have a wonderful year ahead. Much love Sharon

helle said...

Love, love, love your stacks of linen, and what a beautiful idea to make lampshades out of some of it!!
Wish you good luck!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see your new studio.
I love your linen and your lamp shades are simply amazing.
Bisous, Babi

Julie said...

Bonjour Colette

Your French linen collection is just amazing. Wishing you all the best with L'Atelier Colette.

Julie xx

Latest news and recent projects said...

Hello Colette,
I have just discovered your blog and i think I'll love it. Your pictures are so ...perfect! I discovered your blog through pictures you took of the Chateau de Villandry which is near my hometown Tours, in the Loire Valley.
I live in Thailand now, I am a teacher here and in my free time I do 1/12 miniature projects.
all the best

La Brocanteuse said...

A BIG thank you to everyone who read this post, left a comment , and allso mailed to say they love my blog- it is so much appreciated. You inspire me to keep on sharing...X

Burlap Luxe said...

Missing you Col,
Wondering what next you will be posting about?

Come see my pottery plates if you have the time :)

Lots of Love.

Divine Theatre said...

Oh my goodness! Congratulations!
Somehow, you fell off of my Blog Reader?
I had to come looking for you! LOL!

Happy Valentine's Day!


La Contessa said...

I am NEW to your blog where i have been I do not know!I recognize a lot of your commenters!My Godchild is in STELLIES as she calls it at University!It is a small world!Congratualtions on your new shop and i look forward to receiving your updates!I just closed my shop after 12 years…… to sort the next chapter!
I will be in touch!

Jacqui said...

Wonderful blog about gorgeous things! So beautiful. All the very best!