la Brocanteuse

Jun 22, 2011

in Print

original image for publication: Henrique Wilding

La Brocanteuse
mentioned in
Setting Trends
July 2011 issue P 26
much appreciated, thank you

in August 2010

image: La Brocanteuse

I did a post on 
Pauline's White House 

Not a single day has passed since then 
without someone, somewhere in the world reading this post
(stats check)
  read about
Pauline's white house -updated
July issue 2011 p 66 - 73

photo of original images for publishing: Henrique Wilding

as introduction page to a feature on 
Kitchens and Bathrooms
page  133 of the same issue of

 la Brocanteuse kitchen

photo of original image for publishing: Henrique Wilding

image by Henrique Wilding-
taken on day of shoot
  (not in magazine)

image: La Brocanteuse

To celebrate
one year of blogging, the thrill of published media 
and my birthday on June 21st
I am sharing all these joys with a "give away"
~a French find from my Brocante Armoire~

 image: La Brocanateuse

Leave a comment on what you enjoy most on my blog
 what would you like to see more of?
Tell me if you are a follower
It is not a rule in order to win something, rather to hear what you would like to find  on my blog

I will choose 3 winners
(since it is a tripple celebration)
the winner will be anounced 
July 14th-Bastille day
for non South African winners, I will include the 
with the feature on Pauline's house.
Feel free to share this with other bloggers.
non bloggers can e-mail me on 


one year of blogging
my first post May 2010 
For the love of a French market ...
"de l'occasion pour faire"


Anonymous said...

Hi Colette. So funny, I just put down the Garden and Home and came here to see the same images. I love that first one with the old books ,tablecloth and tapestry. My colours indeed! I have spent some time reading older posts in your blog and the white house post you mention is quite lovely as well. However my son and I adored your posts on your travels to the markets most! I still have some to get through so am having a fine time.Do you sell your finds from a shop? Your giveaway looks amazing. Congrats on all three milestones and may there be many more!


Burlap Luxe said...

Congrats Colette,
You so deserve it girl, I would read every magazine feature you were in, loving all that you inspire.

I am one of those crazed followers that gasped at your home and the feature you did on you dear friends home, I had to send off your site to distant friends so we could chat on your beauty and all that inspired a euro chic home and all your pieces of brocante!!

What a feature to love, enjoy the glory!


Sharon Lee Johnson said...

Colette, I have been meaning to email you since I saw both those mags. I immediately recognised your pile of beautiful linen in G&H and then opened the H&L and saw Pauline's lovely home. In fact, the article left me wanting to see more so I came back to your blog to have another look. What I didn't recognise was your kitchen in the H&L. I don't think you've shown it to us before so if I had to suggest anything to add to your blog it would be more pictures of your wonderful home and garden. But I also love your travel posts and, well, everything about your blog! It is always so beautiful and inspiring! Congratulations and happy birthday. I hope you were deservedly spoilt by your family and friends. Much love Sharon

Splenderosa said...

Happy belated birthday wishes, Collette. I hope you had a simply splendid day !! xx's

Jacqui said...

Well deserved!! I love your blog and your beautiful pictures.

WhiteWhispers2u said...

I wish we got them here.How fabulous! I am off to check out the rest~Cheers Kim

French said...

Congratulations on the feature and a very happy birthday!! I'm a follower of course....and I love your original combinations...and the linens...I love it all! Wishing you a lovely weekend Colette~

My Grama's Soul said...

Found you at fabulously French....what a pretty spot you have here. Although I surround myself with color...I do adore all the white and gray homes I see in blogland. Your is lovely.



Anonymous said...

Colette I have been a longtime follower of your wonderful blog and am so glad I stumbled across your pretty place that day!

Your blog lets me experience places, homes, settings that I would never be able to enjoy otherwise. It spurs my own creative juices as I see all those piles of lovely linens in a cupboard to dig the linens out of all their hiding places and come up with a similar though, oh so more humble pretty place.

I get to see the inside of homes, shops, gardens through your creative eye - and in my little tiny ways make a change here and there that makes my home more the abode I have been wanting. Thank you!

bee blessed

Acquired Objects said...

Wow Colette Happy Birthday and Happy one year Anniversary! Your kitchen is fabulous! I would love to see more of your home and your gardens. I remember sometime last year you were working on your court yard and I'm dying to see the results of all your planting. It's always great fun to see your antique business and I always enjoy reading your blog. I hope you had a lovely celebration!

Shel said...

I need to get my hands on these magazines still...this is awesome...your vignettes, your linens, your photographs are all inspiring.
You certainly do South Africa proud... You go girl!!

Shel said...

Ahh...and Happy Birthday...may there be many more.

Claudia Fabiana said...

You have some stunning images in these magazines...fabulous!

ciao from Newport Beach

henrique said...

From the day, I met you I felt your Passion and Style. I then started following your blog. Your honesty, and your personal experience, creates such a powerful connection with all your followers. You feel more like a friend filled passion, and knowledge and the blog is an account of your conversation. I must admit when I am surfing the net- wondering, thinking, I always end up on your blog. I love seeing what you up to. Its like visiting an old friend. So I believe your secret - is unpretentious LOVE & PASSION for sharing all things French. XX

Trouvais said...

You are SO talented, Colette! Love your kitchen. I still have the image of your vaulted living room seared into my memory. Congratulations! You certainly deserve every bit of recognition. XOXO Trish

Blue Creek Home said...

It is early a.m. here and I am lost in blogland-I am delighted that I discovered your beautiful site!
I just read the post about Colette's home. It is absolutely stunning. I am going to back to frolic a little longer while my house is quiet.
Thanks for a beautiful morning!
Congratulations on being published, happy anniversary, and a belated happy birthday to you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Col
I missed your birthday so a belated birthday to you...and congrats on your year of blogging and what an exquisite blog it is! I love devouring your posts and your beautiful images and you inspire me constantly!

desde my ventana said...

Well deseved Colette, you are a very talented designer, your kitchen is a wonderful space.



White Ironstone Cottage said...

What a wonderful bday present to be published in not one but 2 magazines
Congratulations and Happy Birthday
LOVELOVELOVE your kitchen
your new follower


Such a lovely blog! I leave each time, inspired, calm and happy! I wouldn't change a thing if I were you! Happy Birthday!


I love your blog! I leave it inspired, calm and happy! Don't change a thing! Happy Birthday!

bellefleur said...

It's a beautiful blog - I love the "tone" of it and love seeing pictures of your home. Thanks for sharing, and Happy Birthday.

Linda said...

Hi Colette, I stumbled across your blog this morning and was absolutely thrilled at your work, interests, ideas. You are absolutely awesome!!
I have signed in to become a follower (I hope i was successful) as I too love all things French. Your talent is just what it takes to help finish off the smallest details and vignettes in a home. i am so proud to see South Africans rocking their stuff. From Paternoster with love,

chedeb5353 said...

Just found your blog thru Blue Creek Home. Congratulations and Happy Birthday!! Deb

chedeb5353 said...

I am a new follower. I love everything about it, don't change anything! Deb

Priscilla said...

I also love old french linen. I have collected a few things on trips to visit my daughter, but would love to have more. It becomes an obsession, doesn't it?
I am finally encouraged to use what I have more instead of just collecting. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Happy Blog Birthday! It seems like much longer than a year - such a lot seems to have happened in that time from trips to France, setting up a successful sale, and time in the hospital.

What an interesting and enjoyable web the internet weaves. I found Andie at Divine Theatre through a Craigslist search for an armoire and we found as we chatted on the phone that we had many things in common - one of them that we both read your blog!

Thank you for taking us along on your journeys. The shots of your linens are stunning and always send me to the closet to resort my own small collection.

Cris at cris dot shepard at

La Dolfina said...

Wow Colette has it really been just a year... amazing!!
Congrats on all of it.
No one deserves it more than you!!
There is nothing you post about that I don't love, you've got the magic touch my friend. I was smitten the first time I found your blog!


Charlene said...

First of all.... Happy Birthday! I too have a June BDay. I just found your blog through Debbie of Blossom Vintage Chic & this is my first visit. I'm hooked! I will become a follower. What do I like best??? All the beautiful photos. That one of DD & fur baby sleeping is adorable. All those French linens washed, folded & stored is stunning!!! Congrats on being published. I LOVE YOUR BLOG & would be over the moon to win your giveaway. Thank you for being so generous. Charlene

Fabulously French said...

Felicitations on your anniversaire, I cannot believe that a year has passed since you started your gorgeous blog and you must have been very happy to see your name in print.

Leeann x

Blooming Rose Musings said...

Happy Belated Birthday and Happy Anniversary. Congratulations, you deserve every bit of recognition. Your posts are always are an artist. I have been a follower since the day Trish introduced you on her blog a long time ago and have enjoyed every minute of it. Your posts are always stunning. Thank you so much for letting us share in your adventures and for inspiring us to enjoy the beauty of life.

Ivy and Elephants said...

Happy Birthday from your newest follower. Your blog is so serene yet quite elegant and inviting. Everything you has evokes a memory that is calming to the soul. I could see just wallowing throughout out your home. Not just one particular place...everywhere. Thanks for sharing your vision.