la Brocanteuse

Aug 3, 2010


Yesterday I visited my friend Nelia at her shop
when translated directly, it literally means 

Nelia and her sister were getting ready for a interview today
 as well as a photo shoot with a lifestyle magazine called
 (translating:- "LIVE")

entering her shop, is to step back -
 to "yesterday"

old silver and vintage hotel ware

stock moves so quickly, that "yesterday" objects 
finds it's way daily into the shop.

the gorgeous  patina of pewter

vintage toile in a hand painted by Nelia  "koskas"

French linen culotte, old  leather volumes.
Wire baking racks underneath ornate gilt mirror.

detail in a open drawer

She knows just where to find what you are looking for. 
Most of the white stone urns in my previous post
 was found by Nelia over time
in fact, both the cabinet with urns ,the first two figurines
and linen armoir came from her delightful shop.

I could not resist the little stone angel..
one of a few very old chiseled from Cape granite.

I will bring her home after her photo shoot today.

how could I not bring her friend as well?...
 they will come live with us

 love the brick and mortar highlighted with crystals and gilt mirror

Vintage glasses reflecting double
 in front of  hand painted mirrors

is it possible to have a better combo with a sink pail...
better than linen?...

Court yard filled with inspiration

 would it not be great if one could find old gilt mirrors
 to leave outside in rain or shine..

Colette x

Chelsea House
6 Bright Street, Somerset West 
telephone: +27  21  8524827


Dianne said...

I can see why you would love it in that lovely shop. my favourite is the beautiful gilt mirror
and I simply adore the lace throws over the door in the top pic!

renilde said...

Beautiful photoos of a beautiful shop,lots of treasures there.Those old things often have that air of quality even the simple things like the baking racks or hairbrushes,so lovely to look at.Enjoy your angels!

Colette said...

Hello Dianne,
yes..i'm considering the gilt mirror mmmm. have a lovely day Cx

La Brocanteuse said...

Hello Renilde,
Welcome, I adore baking racks and in fact the top one in the pic ,almost flower -shape, is mine too.will have to remind Nelia! Colx

Notes From ABroad said...

Hello ! I love all the mirrors , of course :) and the Toile on the cupboard and definitely a little statue .. What a lovely shop !

manon 21 said...

Une belle visite.

merci pour ton passage.



La Dolfina said...

Oh la la... I love this shop!
You should do a giveaway of the magazine which is doing a feature on this gorgeous place!!!!
I love the vignette in the drawer and the birdcage! Thanks for all the lovely inspiration.

Trouvais said...

Hi Colette...thanks for taking us along! I'm not usually a brick person, but love the shots of rough brick behind all the silvery and frilly bits. Very pretty shop. Merci! XO Trish

Maison Douce said...

Oh, my goodness, what a beautiful store... I could go crazy there!!!!

Anonymous said...

SO beautiful...and where is beautiful Nelia..would've loved to see a photo of her too... from the time I remember meeting her with you,she is as romantic and beautiful as her store! Thanks for this delightful stroll down yesteryear..I could live with it all.

La Brocanteuse said...

Hello Ronell,
I'm afraid beautiful Nelia is a little camera-shy and I respect that..a bit like me in that shy. hope you are still having a wonderful summer break at your gorgeous Coin Colette x

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

This is a gorgeous shop! I see so many things I would love to take home with me. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Sherry

Blooming Rose Musings said...

Be still my heart! What an exquisite shop. It would be difficult to resist buying everything in site. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing these exquisite images. Enjoy your angels.

vosgesparis said...

lieve engelen... I like angels they are soft and protective and they make you feel child again sometimes....

Tamra said...

All that hotel silver made my heart go Pitter Pat!!!!

Lovely store.

Mélanie A. said...

I can understand why you love this shop , every detail is lovely . The little angel is beautiful

desde my ventana said...

Fabulous shop Colette,I like the little ange in the #1,

Mona Thompson said...

Love browsing the shop with you Colette. Absolutely one of my favorite things to do. Thanks for stopping by to see me as well. Have a great weekend. Mona

re:Inspire said...

Thanks for taking us along to this wonderful shop! Would LOVE to see it in person! That would be a place I would visit several times a week!

Fabulously French said...

The shop is gorgeous, what fun you must have everytime that you visit :-)

A tres bientot,

Leeann x

Tricia said...

Ooh la la~ everything is beautiful!