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Dec 20, 2012

My decorations for Christmas 2012

 Before we close the door here
 to depart for the beach house..
a few last images of our Noel decorations .
Simple, hand made and me.

Since lichen branches and moss was the theme for all of my recent end of the year events,
 it was inevitable that the idea would spill over into our home. With compliments of a lot of windy days and fallen oak branches in the streets of Stellenbosch, I had no difficulty finding them. It was a matter of taking a walk around the neighbourhood.

She carried  a Cape fynbos wreath  tied to her arm...

 pretty home made biscuits from the Christmas market

 tree cups with wooden saucers

 on contentment:

" The greatest tranquility is when we desire nothing."

I can honestly say that I desire nothing worldly.
 My desires are good health, peace 
and having my loved ones close..
I know it is yours too

Colette x

PS: for local South Africans, if you like me love nostalgia...
I found these old fashioned Christmas cards large 5 &  small  8 per pack in both Afrikaans and English at a local supermarket (the one that had yellow carry bags and now white and blue...CHE....RS)
it reminded me of the cards we used to receive by post  when I was a child....
Dd added glitter...


La Dolfina said...

So lovely Colette!
I especially love the sentiment on contentment... As it is so true.
Wishing you and your sweet family the very Best Christmas Ever and many thanks for your friendship these past years!

Burlap Luxe said...

Beautiful Colette.

The tree is a favorite of mine I have done much the same to branches that I cut from a pomegranate tree then wrapping them in cloth with little tied ends as if to resemble prayer flags of sort. Your tree looks so woodland with pretties to discover.
I am one of no need as well, no worldly goods just the moments Noël brings.

Dd did a beautiful glitter job to those vintage cards, I can relate to getting them myself in the mail from a grand parent, and some of them already had glitter to them.

We will be looking forward once again to the beach holiday photos. Have a wonderful holiday.
Joyeux Noël

NanaDiana said...

Collette- What a gorgeous home you have with your beautiful, serene Christmas decorations. I love them...and those blue and white cookies/biscuits look wonderful! xo Diana

The Blue Farmhouse said...

You took the words right out of my mouth...and of course, those homemade blue and white biscuits sums up nothing short of a beautiful post....Enjoy, be safe and God bless!:)

Julie said...

Dear Colette
Love all your Christmas decorations.
You are just so amazing.
Have a wonderful holiday with your family!

Julie xx

Anonymous said...

I love your decorations, so magic, so beautiful!
You have a great taste my Lady.
Bisous, Babi

Małgorzata said...

May the Beauty of this season bring you peace and joy now and throughout the coming year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and God Bless.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous tree and decoration....
I remember those cards so well..always so exciting to receive in the mail! I miss those days..there is a lot to be said for hand written cards and notes!
Have a wonderful Christmas with your family...I will be in the UK with my mum and sister so a little colder than you I am sure!
Love and best wishes

French said...

Simply beautiful, Colette; how did you make those ornaments?? Tutorial next year! Wishing you Bonnes Fetes!!

Karen@PasGrand-Chose said...

Wishing you the happiest beach Christmas and a new year filled with beauty!
Karen x

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

So lovely, Colette. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I want to wish you a very happy New Year! XO, Mona

noreen said...

Colette, love your lichen tree with its beautiful ornaments - just the way I love thing, not overdone. Those Christmas cookies are beautiful, what amazing talent comes from our Christmas markets. Enjoy your stay at the coast, a lot cooler than our sizzling temps in the city!
Bonne annee!

Burlap Luxe said...

Colette, I am making a special visit to wish you and yours a very best New Year!

I will be looking forward to your return holidays to places I dream of living, and all the beauty my heart steals from you each beautiful visit I make to you and all you share.

Give dee our love from the U.S
Come visit and share my theatre post with her I am sure it may spark a little inspiration in her to create one even if she uses a shoe box.
If I have posted a new post by they time you visit, then pan down to the previous post.

Spreading love to you in the new year.

Nella Miller said...

Dearest Colette, I don't know why I have missed all of your holiday posts, but it is a pleasure now to read them.... I love the moss and lichen cross, how truly lovely...and always a source of inspiration for me as well, gifts from Nature! I wish you and your dear family, love, health and happiness for the new year ahead....enjoy your summer holiday! N.xoxo