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Jan 31, 2012

Weekend at the beach house

Our weekends at the beach house is very laid back, little routine and loads of sun and relaxed living...

meals consist of  fresh fish, and what is to be found at the local market.

Every Saturday morning there is a Farmers market at our local village HERMANUS which is very popular  in summer.  Here you will find fresh produce to enjoy at the long tables under umbrellas, or to take home.
We have our favorites, and after regular visits have learnt who sell the best bread,the mature cheeses, the sweetest  fruit and know the oyster man..

This is where we started on Saturday..

  Local wine, oysters and a open greek lamb- shwarma with tsatsiki

bread , cheese and coffee

 after brunch we took a brisk walk on  Onrus beach, and as allways, collecting shells to add to the ever expanding "collection" for a maybe  project

 with a very energetic almost nine year old,
the question of keeping little hands busy, and inspired by previous fun with shells,( a shell wreath) a project happened.

Two  white washed picture frames that   never found their way to a wall, 
glue, shells and coral collected,
and a beautifull view...

one frame is allmost completed, the other ,..soon

Not sure how we are going to use the frame, it is a little small for a bathroom mirror,

perhaps as a underplate for serving oysters?...

we shall see,... it was fun to make and mostly, the memories of the day the most precious of all!...

have a lovely week



Tricia said...

Oh my gosh that lunch looks divine!! Love the shell frames, what a fun project. Thanks for sharing with us.

French said...

I want to be there, what fun! Limes with oysters....the cheeses...the shells!!

Eileen in Atlanta said...

Your entire blog was beautiful and amazing...I felt as though I was right htere with you wonderful photos! Thanks so much!

Nella Miller said...

Thank you for the dreamy escape,Colette. I could feel the warm sun, almost....the shell project is very ambitious and lovely...enjoy the days in the sun. N.xo

Acquired Objects said...

Your life right now sounds complete and wonderfully relaxed. I love your shell frames and why put anything in them they look perfect just the way they are.


helen tilston said...

What a wonderful place you live in
Fresh market produce and the ocean. Sheer bliss
Helen xx

Burlap Luxe said...

O, Colette what better place to be then at your beach taking in all there is to desire.

Thank you for sharing your beauty to love. Oh how I wish I were there! :)

Sharon Lee Johnson said...

What a lovely day out, wonderful food and beautiful surroundings with a lovely project at the end. I am dreaming of a day like this while a drive to school and back for the 4th time in one day! x Sharon

Anonymous said...

Love the beautiful frame and wreath..and of course the promenade all around.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Having lived most of my life within 30 minutes of a beach, I love oysters (miam-miam!) and collecting shells. I have a crystal finger bowl that I keep on my desk with small shells and beach glass from St. Barth's as a reminder of relaxing days spent absorbing the many shades of blue with my toes in the sand.

Lovely photos!


Unknown said...

oooohhh my Dear Colette THANKYOU SO MUCH for you very kind words .Im not leaving the planet so I do hope that you will write from time to time I need my French fix and that Fooodddddd looks heavenly and the shells
so back to my note book thankyou ill miss you Love fay xxxx

La Dolfina said...

I love your life!
Thank you for sharing your perfect day!
Lots of love from California,

Anonymous said...

Col- your post on the markets has made me realise how much I miss them.....the lovely fresh seasonal food and the talented and creative people who sell amazing things!
We finally have a small organic farmers market here which I religiously attend each Saturday morning to but gorgeous fresh vegetables, but nothing to compare with the bounty available in South Africa...thanks for the little "look-in"