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Feb 3, 2013

Blogging with ipad

This is a test run for me
The latest  official  BLOGGER app   for use on iPad and iPhone ~  released in Des 2012, has been down loaded  on my iPad for a while now.
It looks easy enough, but exactly what the end results will be..
Will just have to see!

Random images taken with iPad camera from around here...
So have no idea...let's try

What do you think? Good enough for blogging on the go when travelling?     Will mean less hand luggage!

Update: my only complaint is: it is not possible to add text between or after images..otherwise it was very quick, most friendly to use. One has the same options re changing fonts, size of images and to use image centred or to the side if so required.
As this is a new app, I am sure BLOGGER will fine tune with updates to allow for the only negative point. It will be a definite yes for me as option to use for Blogging when on the go.



French said...

Post looks great! I'll have to give this a try! Would rather blog from my iPad too...

PURA VIDA said...

I love my ipad..your photos look wonderful. I use my ipad at night to read my blogs and it won't let me leave comments.

Mona Thompson said...

Looks good...I will have to check it out. XO, Mona

Carole said...

Looks good from here. I have wanted to try it from my iphone but have been afraid. What's the harm in trying right?
thanks for the push,


Virginia said...

No Ipad for me but I finally have an iPhone and I love the convenience of being able to take some stealth shots when I don't have my big camera handy! Lovely images today.

suziqu's thread works said...

Hello Colette I am your newest follower and adoring what I see here.
I am a mixed media artist creating mainly with vintage laces and fabrics and so love all this beautiful linen.
I think you are brave to have mastered Blogger on your Ipad but I do miss the text.
I'll be back soon!
Suzy from Sunny Downunder
via Carole

Peggy said...

I also am blogging from the ipad on blogger. I don't see a way to change the fonts however. And I don't like that you can't type between the pictures. But it is very covinient.

Nella said...

Hi Colette, I have been using Blogsie , an app for blogging with your iPad....I too found Blogger for iPad a bit restrictive.
After doing a bit of research on line I downloaded it and have posted my last few posts with it....I like it ! After a bit of fumbling....N.xo