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May 10, 2011

Sleepless in ..Stellenbosch

It has been a very busy few weeks...and this  is the  calm still before the storm - the arriving of the container from Belgium with all my French Brocante trouvaille..sleepless nights..excitement..

Both my Dd and husband is down with flu so to not expose me and my vulnerable lungs to being affected as well, they chose rooms far away from me to sleep last night. My husband chose to sleep in the home theater...(I suspect he watched movies right through, therefore he was even more tired this morning.., and Dd took to  her  boudoir all alone. I had the two Afghan hounds; Zirka and Yentl  with me since they can go out on our roofgarden for fresh air and water should they need to..
I could not sleep...tossing and turning, camomile tea, nothing would do it. I have so much on my mind.. Old French Linen.... Old French linen..old French linen...
I wondered how photo's would come out in the soft light of the lamps.. Nanny Mel chose some of my favorite linen for my I thought I would take a pic of it.
that is how it started.

  then,  got out of bed, and without  styling or dusting...without removing anything, took the next images...I chose to be honest about these. 
So there will be clutter around
that I would normally remove before a photograph..but as you can see on the clock... it was in the small hours of the night...not doing that then.Just intrigued with the way the light fell on objects, I snapped a few.




my newest book

 all the above images  of  bedroom by labrocanteuse 
  so long..Col x

to sum up the colors: old gold, pale gold, ivory, 
 old French linen and faded that a color?had some chocolat chaud with a dash,
and fell asleep with the smell of fresh
 old French linen around me...


Trouvais said...

Loved everything!!!! Esp last photo!!! Amazing the pictures came out so well in the wee hours of the night! Beautiful monograms. Old French linen old French linen old French's addictive! XO Trish

Morning T said...

Well how could you sleep surrounded by all of that eye candy?!! :) Gorgeous stuff Col, thanks for sharing your slice of heaven with us and here's to a restful night tonite.

Jacqui said...

Beautiful pics, absolutely love the colours. Hope you sleep well tonight and everyone is well soon


Acquired Objects said...

While I know you need your rest playing in the middle of the night agrees with your camera your pictures are beautiful. If I were sleeping on those gorgeous old linens I don't think anything could get me out of bed. I hope you family is well soon and sleep tight tonight Dear Colette!

Dianne said...

Ahh! these photos are just magical and that soft diffused light is so... complementary to antiques!
Chocolat chaud and a waft of old French linen would make me sleep like a baby!
Beautiful post as always. xx

Sharon (Roses and Rust) said...

I also had a sleepless night - must have been something in the air - but I wasn't creative like you - just read my book. These pictures are just gorgeous and I can't get over the beauty of that linen! You are going to have such fun unpacking your container. xx Sharon

desde my ventana said...

Wonderful Colette,loooove the fabulous monograms,


bikim said...

wow! i'm speechless with the amount of gorgeous things you have! so many treasures!
that is so pretty!
perfect! take care,

Burlap Luxe said...

I am in Awww with everything you do and post!!
Your treasures are breath taking!!

I am on the edge of my seat holding my breath when I see a new post from you, perfectly timeless French over here!
Sleep well.

Blooming Rose Musings said...

Colette, such spectacular photos! Gorgeous old french linens and monograms. I hope you have a restful sleep tonight and that your family is feeling better soon.
You have beautiful treasures to dream upon.

Blooming Rose Musings said...

I meant to add that we are all looking forward to seeing your treasures as you unpack your container.
Sleep well, dear friend. Good health to your family.

desde my ventana said...

Have a wonderful sunday Colette,



Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Hi Col, I wish I was there to help you unload your treasures. How exciting to see everything you bought now in one place. Your home is gorgeous and I adore all the antiques. Oh my..those monogrammed bed lines are amazing.

Fay said...

Colette sleep well and dreammmmmmm

love your linens
and old documents in aparticular, they look fabulous as wallpaper too Love fayx

Anonymous said...

Everything is so beautiful...and how I'm looking forward to the day(night) I can sleep in that spare bedroom!! My favorite images are of course those black and white pics....!!

sharon said...

What a blogger you are Colette - up in the middle of the night taking pictures !!! We can't wait to see the opening of the container!
Have a great weekend

French said...

Just found your lovely blog~ in love with all of it, but of course esp the linens....ahhh....I'm your newest follower!

Bohemian said...

Ah, the insomniac Post, I know those well *winks*, but it is obvious your creative juices were flowing... and your bed, well, I'd be languishing amid those fab French Linens until someone rolled me out! *LOL* Hope everyone is now well... And after seeing the Treasures from the previous Post no wonder you were kept up at Night in anticipation awaiting their arrival!!!

Dawn... The Bohemian

Mary Afton Lee said...


I'm just curious to know where in Stellenbosch are you? I love your stuff and would love to make some purchases!